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New Forum

New Forum I have just set up.I want to get this blog up and running and invite any comments you wish to put in the forum.Click on the link below to go to my forum, thanks......
by Betta Fish Care on Aug 20, 2011

Can you have male and female fish together?

Do you want to know how to care for Betta Fish?Here I will show you the right way!!What is a Betta Fish? They are simply a small, colorful freshwater tropical fish. Also they are commonly known as betta, beta, or put another way the si...
by Betta Fish Care on Aug 19, 2011

Do you need a water heater?

Betta Fish Care, Discover tips, tricks & techniques....Aquarium Heaters - Do You Really Need One?Thinking about the temperature of the water in your tank or aquarium it can be awfully difficult to maintain so its vitally important you have an aqu...
by Betta Fish Care on Aug 19, 2011

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