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An Evening at Erba Brusca

There are some evenings that are just unforgettable.I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it was that makes this particular day so special but in the weeks that followed, little moments from the evening would pop into my mind. Something as simp...
by La Lingua on Jul 15, 2015

Art and About in Milan

When I lived in Milan, lazy weekend days wandering around the city were my absolute favourite. We would normally have a lie in until about midday, only getting up to go out for lunch somewhere. Then the afternoons would be given over to window shoppi...
by La Lingua on Jun 30, 2015

Milano Erkek Moda Haftası’nda Türk imzası

MİLANO Erkek Moda Haftası tüm dünya için çok önemli bir organizasyondur. Orada her hangi bir konumda yer almak önemli bir prestij olarak kabul edilir. Bu yıl Türkiye’yi Milano’da temsil edenlerden biri de bendim. Daha önce Milano’...
by Kadınlar Dünyası on Jun 28, 2015

Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS16

Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS16 This week I had the […] The post Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS16 appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Jun 27, 2015

Alice at Eataly

It's been a while since Eataly opened.As soon as Michele heard that the critically acclaimed Alice restaurant had opened on the top floor too, it was a winner for our culinary to-do list. But then he heard about the Social Table. Once a month, the So...
by La Lingua on Jun 23, 2015

Noche de fin de año: New Years Eve (2011) BRrip

Un film en el cual comprende varias historias que tienen lugar entre noche vieja y año nuevo: La de un hombre hospitalizado (Robert De Niro) que vive sus últimos días, otro hombre que odia las fiestas navideñas (Kutcher), una mujer de negocios (P...
by on Jun 21, 2015

Postcards from Expo Part 2

So onto Part 2 of my pictures from Expo "mini-series" (I'm assuming there will be more when we go again in the future... maybe?) and as promised, some tips on navigating its choppy waters!Prepare yourself for a long day of walking and standing outsid...
by La Lingua on Jun 15, 2015

Postcards from Expo Part 1

Expo Milano 2015 is well underway and a couple of weeks ago, Michele and I headed down to have a look to see what all the fuss was about. The point of the Expo is to explore new methods and technologies surrounding food production and how we can make...
by La Lingua on Jun 15, 2015

A postcard from Milan

Years ago I worked in Milan for a while. I was young and felt I had the world at my feet. I was so excited by life in the city and felt I could conquer almost anything. I have one experience of a job interview which I never forgot when I was intervie...
by My Little Italian Kitchen on Jun 12, 2015

ÁVILA 2015


Líder mundial em beleza junta-se a Polishop

“Em todo o mercado que se propõe atuar a Polishop busca ser......
by Icaro Menezes on Jun 11, 2015

RUSSIE – VATICAN. Le triomphe italien du président russe Vladimir Poutine

Tout a commencé à Milan. Le président russe Vladimir Poutine s’est présenté tout sourire à Expo Milano, à Milan, ce mercredi. Altier, il a déclaré sur place, à l’attention de l’Occident, que, «les sanctions ne fonctionnen...
by Allain Jules on Jun 10, 2015

3 en 1: Color,Hidratación y Brillo | Milano Red Shine

Nuevas barras de labios Deborah Milano.Milano Red Shine son labiales tipo bálsamo con los que aparte de colorear nuestros labios los tratamos hidratándolos gracias a su fórmula enriquecida en aceite de argán. Además los protegemos del sol porque...
by ObeBlog on Jun 3, 2015

NAVIGLI POETRY SLAM, il 6 giugno a Milano

Prosegue dopo il grande successo di pubblico della prima data dell’11 aprile, il secondo appuntamento del Navigli Poetry Slam. La gara di poesia si svolgerà anche questa volta nel suggestivo spazio della Casa Museo di Alda Merini, in Via Magolfa 3...
by la poesia e lo spirito on May 17, 2015

Il Paese di carta

La carta è un materiale affascinante, ma purtroppo poco adatto alle costruzioni: si bagna ed è subito fradicia, si incendia e va subito in fumo. Così è inevitabile che tutti i lavori i quali tra i loro materiali annoverano la cartaccia di mazzet...
by Il Simplicissimus on May 16, 2015

Take Friends of Glass Taste Quiz & Win a £25 John Lewis Gift Card

Are you a sweet or sour kind of person? I vary depending on my mood but I'm mostly spicy I think, I love chilli on just about everything and have been known to eat a salmon stir fry for breakfast before! Read more...
by Honest Mum on May 12, 2015

Patrizia Luca Milano Women’s Faux Leather-Front Tee, Black

Patrizia Luca Milano Women’s Faux Leather-Front Tee, Black Made from spandex, leather, polyester, rayon, faux leather, this Patrizia Luca Milano Faux Leather-Front Tee, Black will elevate your new season style. Materials: spandex, leather, poly...

Dibi Milano – Pure Perfection Sebo-Balance Cream & Cleansing Gel

I’d never heard of Dibi Milano before a couple of […]...
by Beauty Best Friend on May 8, 2015

Beauty Review: Milano Ashley & Doctor BAi Skincare

Hello May! This month is so hot and humid the moment I stepped outside of my house or car I began to sweat. The sun is blazing so make sure you apply sun protection and also use the brightening skincare to prevent our skin from getting dark spots or...
by Sunshine Kelly on May 6, 2015

Expo, la messa cantata del potere

Il troppo stroppia dice un detto popolare. E non c’è dubbio che il grottesco eccesso di misura riguardo ai fatterelli di Milano finisca per stroppiare anche la buona fede di chi è contro la violenza comunque e dovunque. La troppa cenere che...
by Il Simplicissimus on May 4, 2015

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