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Minas Tirith Previz Destruction using PullDownIt

Julien Chiari tell us his experience using Pulldownit and Phoenix plugins in 3dMax for his destruction tests inspired by Minas Tirith. It is a good idea to make some tests before going to something bigger and with Pulldownityou can do your previz des...
by CG motionbox on Sep 9, 2014

Guy Builds Giant Lord Of The Rings Sculpture Using Matches

Pat Acton has created an amazing giant sculpture of Minas Tirith from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. The sculpture took three years to build and consists of almost half million matches. Minas Tirith (aka the White City and City of the Kings) is the c...
by Daily News Dig on Feb 22, 2014


Celtic Metal adalah sub genre dari Folk Metal yang di bangun pada tahun 1990-an di Irlandia. Seperti namanya, genre ini adalah peleburan dari Heavy Metal dan music Celtic. Band-band yang terhitung sebagai pemula genre ini adalah tiga band asal Irland...
by Metal Is Power on Aug 27, 2012

Yale and cake

It seems as though I've let this blog slip away from me yet again. I'm going to be away for a large portion of this weekend, so I will force myself to write something now, no matter what it's about. Here goes:First, I would like to congratulate my li...
by Mozart and Chocolate on Mar 30, 2012

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