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You shall drop bricks.
by VuilBlog on Feb 5, 2012

Manchester mind-games underway

The battle to be the top dogs in not just England but Manchester itself comes to a head at Old Trafford o...
by Soccer Betting Tips on Oct 20, 2011

Burn Soldier & Friends – French Riot E.P.

Artist: Burn Soldier & Friends Title: French Riot E.P. Label: Dj’s United Records Genre: Hardstyle Store Date: 20.02.2010 Source: WEB # Tracks: 4 # CDs: 1 Lenght: 24:38 Quality: 320 kbps Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz Nonstop mix: no *.cue...
by Hardstyle-City on Feb 20, 2010

Three Reasons to not want a RELATIONSHIT

I have had it. I am so sick of people being treated like shit at the hand or words or inaction of other human beings. Why is it when you are in a “relationship” with someone people they just want you to suck up every thoughtless gesture or commen...

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