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China Darling...Xinyuan Zhang

In the high competitive world of modeling, we get amazed by new faces we see every day but we will forget about these astonishing beauties soon as the new model pops in to win our heart. Of course there are those whose face we won’t forget so easil...
by misslikey on Nov 17, 2013

The Loved Hannah

In the sea of hip kids we see around every day, there are not many of those who can actually surprise us pleasantly every time they do something new. Among the ladies we love to see around the internet is Hannah Metz, brilliantly creative mind that...
by misslikey on Aug 18, 2013

Sunday Stalking...The Casa of Florence

Florence Welch is such a darling. Most interesting to me of contemporary female singers, this redhead with angelic voice is really something special. Her performances in her flowy dresses with appearance of Madame Gres look like that surreal creature...
by misslikey on May 19, 2013

stalking Alexa

Today in Paris the show will be over. Not exactly over, but it will take a short time-out until the September of this year. This season I realized that all those pushing in the front rows became kind of boring, and the fact that every year there are...
by misslikey on Mar 7, 2012

Model Crush; Katy Dron

She has beautiful and warm blue eyes. Her skin is just like porcelain. Her curly brown hair with the bangs is rebellious but romantic. On the photos she looks like this fragile creature from some secret world. Playful but shy was my first impression...
by misslikey on Apr 28, 2011

what was Alexa wearing lately

She was partying at Coachella in Phillip Lim dress. Mulberry’s most famous ambassador went to Korea in lavender pleated shirt dress from Mulberry fall collection. Not in shops yet! Like the mother of all hipsters, Alexa is DJing in little black vel...
by misslikey on Apr 18, 2011

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