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There are benefits to having three parents. You get to decide whether they are enough

In October I wrote an article in The Economist on a new method for curing mitochondrial disease. The method involves replacing faulty DNA from a mother’s egg with that from a healthy donor. And, if the baby is born, in principle, it paves w...
by The Allotrope on Dec 7, 2012

All About Leigh Syndrome Information

Leigh syndrome usually occurs amidst the ages of three months and two years. The chaos worsens rapidly; the age-old signs may be draft of able control, poor sucking ability, and draft of savant-garde acquired motor skills, acceptation the advantag...

Zoe: A Mother's Good Night Story

In Her Dreams by Suzanne Perryman (SPECIALNEEDSMOM.COM) Zoe calls me during the night, and I go to her- sometimes she needs milk, or is tangled in the confusion of blankets she likes to cuddle , sometime it is more than that. But when I tuck her in...
by Special Needs Moms Like Me on Jun 29, 2010

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