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Sayonara Challenge Ara: Google reportedly cabinets modular telephones

Google has hung up on the notion of modular smartphones, a minimum of for now. Certainly, Challenge Ara has been halted, in line with sources cited by Reuters. Undertaking Ara, which has been kicking round for a couple of years now, was an idea whic...
by picturedir on Sep 3, 2016

Modular Phones: Yay Or Nay?

With Lenovo introducing the Moto Z with Moto Mods, the question has aroused whether or not modular phones are worth the buzz they are getting. Companies like LG, Motorola, and Google Ara are manufacturing modular phones, and vision users snapping giz...
by Techybuzzz on Jul 16, 2016

Spiral 2 is Google’s Prototype for Project Ara

It looks like Google’s plans to release Project Ara for commercial use this year might actually happen. The search giant has just unveiled Spiral 2, a prototype for its modular smartphone design that will be available at a dedicated developer confe...
by The Techie Lifestyle on Jan 14, 2015

PuzzlePhone Chases After Project Ara in the Modular Phone Biz

A lot of people are really anticipating the release of modular handsets in the market. The biggest name that’s involved in the development of such devices is of course Google with its Project Ara that it snagged from Motorola. The first batch of Pr...
by The Techie Lifestyle on Dec 2, 2014

Project Ara: It’s All About Modular Design But its Not Just for Phones

Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference kicked off this week and obviously the announcements in the event was all about the future of modular phone design and other avenues in which the technology can be used to improve customer experience.As wit...
by The Techie Lifestyle on Apr 17, 2014

Google Releases Module Developer Kit for Project Ara

It looks like the dawn of modular smartphones is almost upon us as Google has recently released the Module Developer Kit for Project Ara, which should help developers build components for the upcoming modular phone.According to the GDK documentation...
by The Techie Lifestyle on Apr 12, 2014

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