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Monday Inspiration: What I am inspired by!

This is our 2nd post in our ongoing new blog series ‘Monday Inspiration’. Specifically created posts to help boost productivity and motivation on those slow and uninspired Monday mornings. September was a huge month for us with work and l...
by Kelana by Kayla on Oct 18, 2015

Inspiration Monday: Garden Ornaments

 It's Monday again and I'm back with another inspirational post…this time we're looking at garden ornaments. No doubt, garden art can be pretty bad, but here are some examples that I'm loving... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...
by Designing Domesticity on Jun 29, 2015

Monday Inspiration: Small Workspaces

We're back from a week of fun in the sun with the girls, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. Full steam ahead, that's what I always say. Not really. But it sounds so good…Really, is there... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my w...
by Designing Domesticity on Apr 13, 2015

Monday Inspiration | Lauren Conrad's Penthouse

Lauren Conrad's Beverly Hills penthouse was featured in the October issue of InStyle magazine. Have you seen it?  You know I prefer mostly neutral interiors, but gosh.  I could really embrace the splashes of color sprinkled throughout Laure...
by Cottage and Vine on Sep 29, 2014

Monday Inspiration | Fresh Modern Colonial

Today is the first day of school and there is a perfectly timed touch of fall in the air this morning.  We dropped our oldest son off at ECU last weekend and this morning our youngest started his sophomore year.  Hope you all have a great w...
by Cottage and Vine on Aug 25, 2014

Monday Inspiration | The Fall Mantel

This is the week of summer that takes on a more serious tone.  Just between us, it is my least favorite week of the summer.  We start gathering school supplies, try to get back into a "school's in session" sleep pattern, and rush to complet...
by Cottage and Vine on Aug 18, 2014

Monday Inspiration | A Pretty NC Beach House

We're back from a long weekend at the beautiful North Carolina coast.  We spent our mornings walking on the beach, our days riding the waves and watching the tide roll in, and our evenings dining alfresco, enjoying wine and seafood.  Aaah..
by Cottage and Vine on Aug 11, 2014

Monday Inspiration | Sea Fans

Hi friends!  I'm a little late posting today, but thought I would pop in anyway.  The boys are away at the beach and I'm enjoying a slower pace today unlike normal Mondays.  I mentioned a while back that I was planning to paint our dow...
by Cottage and Vine on Aug 4, 2014

Monday Inspiration | Playhouses

Hi sweet friends!  How's your Monday going?  I had full intentions of having my post up early, but when a teenager asks you to lunch and to shop for backpacks, you do that.  I've had the best day, just taking the time to be in the pres...
by Cottage and Vine on Jul 28, 2014

Monday Inspiration | Terra Cotta Pots

Remember me?  Thank you for all the emails of concern.  I'm still here - and everything is OK.  While summer is full of fun and loads of family time, I had no idea how full our summer would be.  The blog has clearly taken a back s...
by Cottage and Vine on Jul 21, 2014

Do Something Remarkable

Sure you hate your job but honestly, who loves theirs? Not everyone can chase their dreams. The world is full of different kinds of people. People who chase their dreams and those who keep them locked deep within them, afraid...

Monday Morning Inspiration #6

by World According to ME on Dec 15, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration #5

by World According to ME on Dec 1, 2013

Monday Inspirations #5

by World According to ME on Nov 24, 2013

Monday Morning Inspiration

Why I still hate Mondays I have no idea. Since I left my job, everyday in a week is the same for me, but I still, still deeply hate them. And, when I thought about it, I realized that this is just one of these habits that I  have to get rid of.
by World According to ME on Oct 21, 2013

Moving Words Monday #5: The Sun always shines!

The sun is out today - finally!  It had completely stopped raining yesterday but it was still a bit cloudy, but today, the sun is really out.  It had rained non-stop for 3 days and my husband was even one of the unfortunate folks who got st...
by SAHM's Notebook on Jun 26, 2011

Moving Words Monday #4: Psalm 121:2

Welcome to the 4th week of Moving Words Monday!  I'd like to thank all those who have been joining my inspirational meme and hope that more will be joining in the coming weeks.  Kindly help spread the word by putting the meme badge on your...
by SAHM's Notebook on Jun 20, 2011

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