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In Brazil, a night of music for the hearing-impaired

In Brazil, entertainment venue the Clash Club recently held a night of music specifically for the hearing-impaired.

Service aims to make banking simpler

Simple is a new banking service that offers greater control of accounts with multiple online and mobile features.

Wallpaper changes its appearance under different colored lights

Milan design duo Carnovsky have created an RGB wallpaper that transforms its appearance under different kinds of light.

Empty store converted into hotel encourages exploration of the local area

Located in Vienna, the Urbanauts project has converted a street loft into a hotel room, where the usual amenities are outsourced to the local community.

Bike that can be adjusted as child grows

The Orbea Grow series features adjustable parts, enabling young riders to make their bike bigger as they get older.

Window coating improves sunlight levels indoors

UNIGLAS | VITAL feel-good glass is a thin film developed by a team at the Fraunhofer Institute of Silicate Research, which makes glass less reflective to allow more light through.

In Brazil, prisoners’ pedal power shaves time off their sentence

The Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison is harnessing the green energy produced by its cycling inmates, in exchange for a reduced stay.

In Spain, site helps victims put an online call out when their bike is stolen

Spanish Bicibuscadores aims to help victims of bicycle theft spread the word when their bike is stolen and warn others in the same neighborhood.

In Austria, virtual library contained in public QR code stickers

Projekt Ingeborg has seen 70 stickers placed in public locations such as bus stops, containing QR codes and NFC technology that enable citizens to download e-books.

In London pub, customers help themselves via tablets and self-service beer

Set in London, the new Thirsty Bear pub uses table-side tablets and self-serve beer to help customers help themselves.

In Mexico City, Nissan funds outdoor ‘vertical gardens’

Through a new campaign dubbed “Respira,” or “Breathe,” VerdMX has been working with Nissan Mexicana to install numerous living vertical garden sculptures throughout the public spaces of Mexico City.

Stroke recovery made fun with computer games

From the UK, Limbs Alive is a new therapy service for hemiplegia patients that uses games to improve motor skills in a fun way.

App alerts first aiders to nearby medical emergencies

Rapid Rescue uses GPS technology to link people requiring medical assistance with first aiders near to their location in real-time.

Service helps users keep tabs on solitary loved ones via daily check-ins

POM4U is a web-based service designed to help users keep tabs on any loved one living or traveling on their own.

New DIY appliance enables consumers to make their cosmetics at home

Naturalis is a new appliance from French Groupe SEB's Rowenta brand that enables consumers to mix up their own cosmetics at home.

Crowdsourced digital ideas for brands’ perusal and purchase

Based in Lithuania, Public Scroll is an online space where ideas can be submitted by anyone for brands to acquire.

For every restaurant meal enjoyed, a donation to feed the hungry

TangoTab is a site that helps feed the hungry every time a user enjoys a meal at a participating restaurant.

App provides platform for community lift-sharing

San Francisco-based SideCar enables people to take advantage of lifts from trustworthy drivers in the community.

Shirt’s NASA-inspired fabric helps keep the wearer cool

The Ministry of Supply has created the new Apollo shirt that taps NASA heat-regulation technology to keep its wearer comfortable and cool.

Facebook app lets runners pay with kilometers completed

Created by Nike Mexico, the Subasta de Kilometros translates runners' distances into currency in auction.

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