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Diving robot kit opens up underwater exploration to everyone

OpenROV is an open-source electronics kit that aims to offer an affordable robot suitable for sea and ocean exploration and educational purposes.

App makes replying to text messages easier for illiterate people

EasySMS uses text-to-speech technology to read out text messages and translates visual symbols into text replies.

Computer-controlled sun screens help keep Abu Dhabi towers cool

Designed by global architectural firm Aedas, Al Bahar Towers feature computer-controlled sun screens on the buildings' exterior that open and close as required to keep out the glaring heat of the sun.

In New York City, sidewalk listening stations offer album preview

French fashion and record label Kitsuné teamed up with creative media agency CNNCTD+ to create listening posts on New York City sidewalks.

Platform taps Facebook and Twitter to help find Canada’s missing children

The World's Most Valuable Social Network lets participants “donate” their Facebook or Twitter accounts to help find Canada's missing children.

Battery-free toys for young kids by quarterly subscription

Little Pnuts is a quarterly subscription service that sends a curated assortment of eco-friendly, organic and battery-free toys for kids up to five years old.

Tapping aggregate smartphone data for new, community-level insights

Behavio seeks to use the masses of data smartphones collect to identify patterns of behavior across society.

Free social platform helps users jointly care for a loved one

Cura is a new, UK-based platform that aims to share the tasks surrounding care of a loved one between family and friends.

Digital research assistant tailors itself to find most relevant content

Squirro aims to provide researchers with a data filtering platform that offers content based on the way the service is used.

In Italy, tourist train serves up delicacies of the regions through which it passes

il Treno di Sapori— or “Train of Taste” — offers gastronomic excursions featuring delicacies of the regions it passes through.

Wearable patch continuously monitors blood chemistry

San Francisco startup Sano Intelligence has developed a small, wearable sensor patch that can read and transmit blood chemistry data continuously to almost any device.


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Luxury hotel furniture sourced and made available to tourists

Discover & Deliver hunts down the accessories adorning rooms in some of the world's most luxury hotels and delivers them to customers' doors.

Wise Words with Daniel Noonan

We catch up with Daniel Noonan who is the founder of Pikup, a web platform that allows artists to receive a fair cut of profits based on their fan's listening habits.

Top 10 Marketing & Advertising ideas from the last 12 months

We've selected 10 articles from our Marketing and Advertising section over the last year, to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.

Swedish hotel’s nearly invisible glass ‘tree rooms’

Designed to blend into its surroundings so as not to ruin the surrounding area's views, Treehotel in Sweden is now making its glassed tree-top hotel room, Mirrorcube, available for mail order purchase.

Social network for kids focuses on sharing DIY creations

Targeting “kids who make,” DIY aims to give creative children an online space to celebrate and share their creations.

Offshore boat nurtures non-US tech startups

Located close to Silicon Valley, Blueseed aims to be the first offshore floating startup community for firms whose employees do not have US work permits.

In the UK, eco-friendly hotel features a pedal-powered TV

The UK's Cottage Lodge features a pedal-powered TV in one of its green-minded guest rooms.

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