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Blaming Your Credit Card Debt On Your Spouse

Do you blame your credit card problems on your wife or husband spending habits while ignoring your own? How I View Credit Cards: First, let me say that I personally enjoy and using credit cards, but only when it’s to my financial advantage.  I...
by Money Reasons on Feb 17, 2012

A money problem I had the other day

I recently had a bit of a cash problem and I needed cash to cover my rent. I found this website that can put cash in your bank within 1 hour but you must have a job and live in the UK, I think these types of loans are called “Payday Loans”...
by Colin in Japan on Feb 15, 2012

"Get over your financial problems with the help of Loans for Payday"

Finances and money problems can often put one in deep problem that seems tricky and hard to get out of, especially when faced with a bill or debt one doesn’t have the money to pay. At such occasions, loans are much appreciated given they can ge...
by Our Happy Money on Feb 12, 2012

Talk It Out: Run and Don’t Look Back

Welcome to Talk It Out. It finally arrived! One of my readers wrote me a while ago, as soon as I introduced the Talk It Out column. I followed up with her to see if the situation she found herself in remained unchanged. Unfortunately for my reader no...
by Aloysa's Kitchen Sink on Feb 28, 2011

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