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Sophie Kinsella delighted with her laser eye surgery from Accuvision

Sophie Kinsella’s latest book is coming out this week on 25th April. Entitled ‘Wedding Night’ it tells the tale of Lottie and Ben who made a pact in years gone by to marry if they were still single at thirty. Lottie decides to take...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Apr 22, 2013

Jennifer follows Sister and Daughter to Accuvision for Laser Vision Correction!

Jennifer is very particular, by her own admission. When it came to laser eye surgery she was equally cautious, not wanting to risk her future vision to impulsive whim. So, Jennifer did her research and also let her sister and daughter undergo the pro...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Jun 8, 2011

Laser Eye Surgery for Vision Changes as you get Older

It is only as we get older that all adults begin to experience the limitations, frustrations and annoyances of impaired vision. From the age of forty years our eyes begin to change. For some of us it may not happen until after fifty years but for all...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Nov 28, 2010

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