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Montblanc Souvenir D'Etoile jewelry

Montblanc Souvenir D'Etoile jewelry with brand classic star to tell "You are my heart never forget Star",for you to convey the sweetest romantic declaration of love. Hexagram star with diamonds, highlight the brand jewelry craft exquisite, delicate w...
by bvlgari jewellery on Jul 21, 2013

Montblanc Ame de Star Jewelry

In June,Montblanc presents Ame de Star Jewelry for fashion women,in a subtle and delicate angles for Montblanc hexagonal white star logo to give a new beauty:sudden eye view of the unseen Star line, but as long as the appreciation from the side, clev...
by bvlgari jewellery on Jun 15, 2013

Montblanc Grace de Monaco jewelry

During the 66th Cannes Film Festival,Montblanc cannes Martinez hotel established Montblanc Styling Lounge,to prepare a variety of Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco fine jewelry for the guests participating film event , celebrities and stylists to...
by bvlgari jewellery on May 30, 2013

Montblanc 2013 Mother's Day gift

Mother's day is the best opportunity to children to show filial piety to mother,is the husband to wife ideal of gratitude,the unspeakable cordiality with carefully chosen gift to her heart!She always sacrifice for the family, often ignoring the right...
by bvlgari jewellery on Apr 15, 2013

Mont Blanc Star Spell Collection

In April 2013,Montblanc will launch new Mont blanc Star Spell Collection,to the stars of the mysterious power for design inspiration,to praise its charming magic.Star Spell Collection design is romantic but also see the pure sense of the times,carve...
by bvlgari jewellery on Feb 23, 2013

MontBlanc Men Accessories

Mont Blanc in central Europe, magnificent momentum, is a masterpiece of nature,people stunned. Montblanc was founded more than a century ago, its brand name is derived from the first peak in Europe, and the mountains of six glaciers become Montblanc...
by bvlgari jewellery on Dec 25, 2012

Montblanc jewelry for Christmas

What kind of Chrismas gift can express your love?I will recommend Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco Collection,Petales series and Montblanc Cabochon de Collection.Mont Blanc jewelry Mont Blanc Pen...
by bvlgari jewellery on Dec 13, 2012

Montblanc Melodies Precieuses collection

Montblanc Melodies Precieuses collection of five series fine jewelry,made of precious platinum and diamonds.Première Rencontre seriesPremière Rencontre diamonds are dazzling,each star of necklace is strung by 301 diamonds (10.54 carats),rings and e...
by bvlgari jewellery on Sep 2, 2012

Mont Blanc new jewelry

What is love taste?In additon to sweet,presumably acid and bitter emotional element is also essential.Mont Blanc new jewelry design "love" into a knot,lingering and tangle reflected most vividly in a simple jewelry,more worth of a look at is the Mont...
by bvlgari jewellery on Aug 15, 2012

Mont Blanc charming jewelry

Monaco Princess Grace once said: "Grace de Monaco pink roses that I have received the most wonderful wedding present. Three decades after her death,Mont Blanc with craftsmanship, dazzling diamonds and rare material outlines the luxurious texture of r...
by bvlgari jewellery on Aug 3, 2012

Mont Blanc Monaco grace princess series of conference

New Mont Blanc Fine jewelry Princesse Grace jewelry series of conference had ended on June 1 night in Beijing.Yao Chen, Maggie Cheung, Vic Zhou, Pei Pei, Lynn, Jessica Alba,Naomi Watts,Nicolas Cage and so on more than ten stars presented.Let us take...
by bvlgari jewellery on Jun 7, 2012

Eva Green in the LA premiere of Dark Shadows

To advertise the new movie "Dark Shadows",Eva Green recently appeared the film's Los Angeles premiere of the red carpet, Eva wore a pair of long earrings and rings, all from Mont Blanc!
by bvlgari jewellery on May 18, 2012

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