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La Crema Pinot Noir 2014 (Monterey) - Wine Review

Tonight's wine is a lovely Pinot Noir that will be in LCBO VINTAGES on September 3.Made by La Crema, the grapes for this wine come from a winery nestled in a long valley in Monterey, California. On one end of the valley is Monterey Bay, while on the...

Whale watching

Last weekend, I took my in-laws on a whale watching trip in Monterey. I knew they would find it interesting and fun. I personally wasn't too excited about it as I knew there is no guarantee of seeing the whales. Since I found a decent groupon deal, I...
by Newbie In Sunnyvale on Aug 2, 2016

La Crema Chardonnay 2014 (Monterey) - Wine Review

Tonight's wine is a sneak peak of the La Crema Monterey Chardonnay that will be on LCBO VINTAGES shelves across Ontario on June 1st.Originally named La Crema Vinera, meaning "best of the vine", the once family-owned and operated winery conc...

Falha de San Andreas sob extrema pressão - Cientistas Alertam para um Grande Terremoto!!

Os cientistas estão agora estão advertindo com mais de 100 anos de construção pressão de retorno ao longo das 800 milhas da Zona de Falha de San Andreas, na Califórnia. Seção do San Andreas Fault do sul da Califórnia foi "fechada, carregado...
by UFOS ONLINE on May 6, 2016

Epic: Part Deux – Best of Show

Big On Black Tales from a Beach Photo Contest Kendra sat on the couch working on her PhD proposal, when she asked her boyfriend Jim, "should I enter the photo contest?". Of course, she was referring to the annual 2009 NCUPS Beach Photo Compet...
by web networkings on Feb 20, 2016

Pinnacle Rock #4 – Point Lobos, California

Here is a less-stormy view of the rock at Point Lobos, California made about 20 minutes after #3. No HDR. Free wallpaper for over 100 of my images in 6 different screen sizes is now available! See the 1200 pixel version!
by web networkings on Feb 20, 2016

Garrapata Surf #7 – Garrapata State Park, Big Sur, California

The State of California announced that it is closing 70 of its 278 parks. Read more below. So in memorium of the incredible Garrapata state park (which could easily be one of the best looking national parks in the US), here is one from the archives.
by web networkings on Feb 17, 2016

Never Mind Nose to Tail Dining, Let Me Tell You About Head to Toe Eating! Sichuan Food at Huolala Restaurant. Monterey Park, CA.

Head to toe in one bowl! Restaurants sometimes drop the foodie phrase "nose to tail" dining to boast about how they use the whole animal and waste none of it. Popularized by English chef Fergus... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website...
by Deep End Dining on Feb 1, 2016

橫濱蒙特利酒店 | 神奈川縣橫濱市中區

3.5星級飯店、170間客房、橫濱蒙特利酒店、神奈川縣橫濱市中區、ホテルモントレ横浜、Hotel Monter […] 這篇文章 橫濱蒙特利酒店 | 神奈川縣橫濱市中區 最早出現於 好途狗 How to GO。...
by How to GO on Jan 9, 2016

赤坂蒙特利酒店 | 東京都港區

3.5星級飯店、196間客房、赤坂蒙特利酒店、東京都港區、ホテルモントレ赤坂、Hotel Monterey A […] 這篇文章 赤坂蒙特利酒店 | 東京都港區 最早出現於 好途狗 How to GO。...
by How to GO on Jan 9, 2016

長崎蒙特利酒店 | 長崎縣長崎市

3星級飯店、123間客房、長崎蒙特利酒店、長崎縣長崎市、ホテルモントレ長崎、Hotel Monterey Na […] 這篇文章 長崎蒙特利酒店 | 長崎縣長崎市 最早出現於 好途狗 How to GO。...
by How to GO on Jan 9, 2016

神戶蒙特利酒店 | 兵庫縣神戶市中央區

3.5星級飯店、164間客房、神戶蒙特利酒店、兵庫縣神戶市中央區、ホテルモントレ神戸、Hotel Monter […] 這篇文章 神戶蒙特利酒店 | 兵庫縣神戶市中央區 最早出現於 好途狗 How to GO。...
by How to GO on Jan 9, 2016

銀座蒙特利拉蘇瑞酒店 | 東京都中央區

3.5星級飯店、141間客房、銀座蒙特利拉蘇瑞酒店、東京都中央區、ホテルモントレラスールギンザ、Hotel M […] 這篇文章 銀座蒙特利拉蘇瑞酒店 | 東京都中央區 最早出現於 好途狗 How to GO...
by How to GO on Jan 9, 2016

Road Trip along the Pacific Coast Highway

If you are a road tripper like me or simply enjoy travelling, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or the California State Route 1 is the quintessential road trip. The PCH features more pit stops and activities that you could possibly... Continue Reading...
by thevagabondwayfarer on Oct 3, 2015

17-Mile Drive Monterey Peninsula California

Prepare a picnic and head out to 17-Mile Drive in the Monterey Penninsula for a wonderful day amongst nature. Admire the beautiful coastline fairways of the world's best golf courses and watch the crashing waves of the endless Pacific Ocean. Take bin...
by eTravelTrips on Jul 21, 2015

京急 EXイン 品川駅前 (Keikyu EX Inn Shinagawa) | 東京品川

一出品川車站往前方的天橋方向望去就可以看到這棟 30 樓高的 SHINAGAWA GOOS 大樓, 我們這幾天 […]...
by 認真過生活 (JC) on Jun 24, 2015

京急 EXイン 品川駅前飯店 (Keikyu EX Inn Shinagawa) | 東京品川

一出品川車站往前方的天橋方向望去就可以看到這棟 30 樓高的 SHINAGAWA GOOS 大樓,我們這幾天落 […]...
by 認真過生活 (JC) on Jun 24, 2015

Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Bacon

This post today was not the sort that was well planned and thought out with special ingredients purchased so that I could make something delectable that I knew I would want to share. No, it was pretty much what happens all too often around here…...
by Creative Culinary on Jun 16, 2015

Couple time in Carmel

Reconnecting and rejuvenating in coastal California. My husband and I took a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea without our teenage children so we could enjoy some much-needed couple time—catching up, reconnecting, and generally remembering why we chose to...
by eTravelTrips on Jun 3, 2015

United States : Very Toxic Algal Bloom in Monterey Bay - Seafloor Littered with Dead Fish

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary: Mass die-off could happen – “We are beginning with continuing coverage of that algae bloom in the Monterey Bay. Scientists say they’re seeing the highest levels of red tide in more than a decade, and they...
by Actualité Distincte on Jun 3, 2015

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