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January Moodboard : Vintage Ogee in Green & Peach

Start my new year with a new range of work and every now and then create a moodboard as suggestions or ideas featuring great images, artwork and products.My Vintage Ogee Pattern - Products - PaperTable setting by Southern Vintage Antique China + Furn...
by red road design on Jan 21, 2015

Thoughtful Interiors | Inexpensive Finds

Have you been to Target lately? Holy cow. And I mean holy cow! I suddenly want to take on design clients so I can use all of these fun finds. The colors and patterns are spot on and I wanted to share some of these goodies with you. I paired them with...
by A Thoughtful Place on Jan 6, 2015

New Builds and Interior Design Projects

Hi everyone, I trust you had a great holiday and got some much deserved rest!  The Straka family has been camping up a storm and enjoyed every minute being together.  If I am honest though, I am also happy to be back to routine.  During our break...
by Straka Style on Jan 5, 2015


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Designer's weekdays. Tips

White and non painted cornice/ molding usually looks so dull in the interior. I wanna share with you how a simple cornice can be a luxury in the your interior design.1st style: Golden acrylic paint and a wax with a vintage effect or a dark patin...
by Svetlana Roma Design on Dec 4, 2014

Starting from scratch: what would you do?

Like many - possibly most - people, my house didn't come with my dream bathroom. Sure, it's a massive improvement over what we started with, but it still isn't what I'd choose if I got to rip everything out and start from scratch. I've been obsessed...
by House Pretty on Dec 2, 2014


Primary colours are the colours used to create the rest of the spectrum, however at times they seem to be enough to create a simple/modern yet powerful aesthetic like that of Piet Mondrian ! image sources: Paul Smith


These past few weeks whilst I have been studying for my latest exams which encompasses French history and culture, I have really been under the influence of history, military history to be exact. It is really interesting how quite a lot of military u...

Guest Room + Nursery Makeover Reveal

You guys! There is a new little grand child arriving in just a couple of weeks! #EXCITING! So of course, this first time grandma needs to convert the guest room to allow space for baby sleep overs. The before is...
by DIY Show Off on Oct 27, 2014


For a long time minimalism has inspired me, it is so amazing that something so simple can have so much more meaning behind it and in a sense allows other proportions and aspects to come to life. image sources: Alessandro Dal...

DIY: een moodboard maken

Drie jaar geleden schreef ik een artikel over inspiratie. Mensen vragen mij namelijk regelmatig hoe ik toch iedere keer weer nieuwe onderwerpen kan bedenken voor mijn blog. Ik vertelde toen al dat ik mijn inspiratie echt overal vandaan haal.… L...
by BeautyLab on Oct 9, 2014

Rustic Modern + Color

From your feedback about the design scheme for our 10th flip, it seems like Rustic Modern is the winner (although it was a pretty close tie with Crisp + Light!).  Rustic Modern was my first instinct, and then I got scared of it – do you ever d...
by It's Great To Be Home on Sep 29, 2014


Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford's erotico-chic is the inspiration behind this mood board.


The inspiration behind this board is tradition and its elements !

3 Quick Outdoor Living Updates Available Year-Round

Doesn’t it always seem like by the time you want something, it’s out of season for retailers?  Like the swimsuit you need for vacation in February.  Or the outdoor furniture and decor you want in July and August.  It was in the stores...
by Teal & Lime on Aug 19, 2014


Having returned from Paris a few days ago, this mood board was inspired by the Parisian Bobo aesthetic !


The sea, sun and bright colours was the inspiration for this fortnight's "mood board" !


The sea, sun and bright colours was the inspiration for this fortnight's "mood board" !

Living Room Color Palette 3 Ways

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up a living room e-design that I’m finally getting around to sharing with you. Starting with a freshly painted room in Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore’s soft greige), as well as beige wall-to-wall carpet, m...
by Satori Design for Living on Jul 15, 2014

Fashion Mood Board : N°1

The inspiration behind this "mood board" was my recent love of sportswear and it in combination with high fashion.

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