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Are creators saying anything about the resurfaced Berganza scandal?

I decided to look and see if any of the most morally questionable writers out there were responding to the story of Eddie Berganza's sexual harassment felonies. Predictably, most were pretty muted, if they had anything to say at all. And based on the...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 25, 2016

A few tweets from Mark Sable

Sable's portfolio includes series like Graveyard of Empires, and with the following tweets, he not only confirmed his leftism, he also lets know he sees nothing wrong with the politics of Ta-Nehisi Coates: Really enjoyed @tanehisicoates Black Panther...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 24, 2016

Kotaku actually dislikes Morrison's take on WW

Of all the sites that could offer a negative take on Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman: Earth One, the mostly leftist Kotaku is certainly one such place. They're certainly right about this: Wonder Woman is one of the most popular and recognizable superh...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 21, 2016

They like Eisner despite his last graphic novel and opposition to communism?

Here's two tweets by a pair of radical moonbats paying respects to Will Eisner, of all people, even though his politics didn't exactly coincide with theirs, certainly not by the end of his career: Wrote the book. Literally.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 19, 2016

A LGBT propagandist blatantly tries to hijack Batman and Robin

Glen Weldon, a gay activist who works for NPR, wrote on Slate about "gay subtext" in Batman and his partnership with Robin. It goes without saying this is quite insulting because however their relations were depicted, it was on a bigger/you...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 15, 2016

Grant Morrison goes too far again with his new take on WW

Morrison, one of the most overrated writers coming from the UK, has done it again with his new graphic novel called Wonder Woman: Earth One, which has some pretty tasteless story elements. Here now is an interview the Daily Beast conducted with him e...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 12, 2016

Did overrated celebs really learn to write comics?

NY's Vulture section wrote about how Marvel got so-called celebrities to write their products, including propagandist Ta-Nehisi Coates: Last year, acclaimed nonfiction writer and lifelong comic-book geek Ta-Nehisi Coates stumbled into an incredible...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 10, 2016

Several writers signal their lack of consideration for how women feel

Kurt Busiek continues his downhill journey into Crazy Town with the following recent tweets: These anti-LGBT things — they’re all doing it knowing this shit is unconstitutional, knowing it won’t stand. They’re deliberately wasting...— Kurt...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 6, 2016

Why must we care what the Joker's real name is?

Thinking their stunts are still a big deal, DC's announced they'll be giving the Clown Prince of Crime a name: During the DC Rebirth event at WonderCon, the creative team for Justice League, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok, announced that...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 1, 2016

Waid and Simone are giving a bad impression of themselves to the ladies

Following a law passed to protect the privacy of ladies (and gentlemen) in North Carolina's public restrooms, Waid retweeted a post that's not going to please any self-respecting women. As seen in this screencap: That he's overlooked the whys of this...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 31, 2016

Call it "Rebirth of diversity"

The first time in recent history DC ever began pushing for diversity at the expense of established heroes was at least a decade ago. Now, the Hollywood Reporter says they're falling back on it more officially again in their new "event". Thi...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 29, 2016

How Waid and Slott reacted to Mark Hughes' disagreements

Since we're on the topic of Superman and Mark Hughes, here's a related subject: Waid couldn't respect Hughes' difference of opinion, and how did he respond? Guess: Wow, @MarkWaid blocked me b/c he was rude to me & I told him he's wrong. This is a...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 28, 2016

Mark Hughes explains why Dan Slott is wrong about Superman not killing

Forbes film writer Mark Hughes wrote about an experience he had with Dan Slott, who believes, based on his viewing Zach Snyder's Man of Steel movie, that Superman doesn't kill (on a related note, I've already seen how Batman vs. Superman hasn't gotte...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 24, 2016

What a few writers are saying about today's suicide bombing in Belgium

There was a suicide jihad attack in Brussels today, just a few days after one of the Paris bloodbath masterminds was arrested in the Molenbeek district. And how do some comics writers react? Dan Slott, for one, is not going about this the right way.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 22, 2016

Darick Robertson hints at his support for Joe Biden

A few weeks ago, in response to a Variety report that the vice president got a standing ovation at the Oscars, he tweeted: I wonder what he thought about that choice to not run for President when everyone was standing and applauding...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 17, 2016

Busiek interprets Dr. Strange his own way, condones SJWs, and panders to a cause that hurts women

Kurt Busiek recently claimed that Doctor Strange was originally created as Asian before getting his background simplified to just another Anglo-Scottish protagonist. Culture War Reporters gathered nearly every tweet he wrote where he argued that, if...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 17, 2016

Marz doesn't believe Nazis was acronym for socialists

Or, more precisely, that they were socialists. Once more, Marz has tested people's limits of endurance for his narrow brain by refusing to accept what the word "Nazis" stood for: People dumb enough to believe the National Socialist German W...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 14, 2016

What's the point of recapping Spidey's role in Civil War if they can't be objective?

Collider published a recounting of Spider-Man's role in 2006's terrible crossover, Civil War, that not only gushes about a real time-waster, it won't even admit clearly why it was bad for Spidey in long term: For awhile, the Marvel Universe is chang...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 12, 2016

Brett White was fully biased in favor of changing Captain America into an ultra-leftist

CBR's leftist propagandist Brett White addressed the case of anti-conservative sentiments shoved into the new take on Captain America a few months ago, and predictably acted as an apologist for leftism: [...] While there is no questioning the evil o...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 11, 2016

Another of Slott's gun control rants

We have here another of the gun control blabberings Slott's been typing up, where he claims nobody blames the parents...except even he doesn't seem particularly intent on stressing when parental responsibility is vital: Whenever a teen uses a gun th...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 8, 2016

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