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Tweets by Busiek for the week of SOTU

by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 20, 2016

If only Jessica Jones producers knew Bendis' real comics record

This short item tells what the producers of the Jessica Jones series on Netflix were originally thinking of developing it as, and it wasn't a program focusing foremost on sexual assault: "We never walked into the writers' room going, ‘We are...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 19, 2016

A sugarcoated article about Marvel's reboot runs amok

In this recent puff piece on Arcamax about Marvel's "reboot", the writer allegedly finds a few of the latest books appalling, yet gushes over a few others, and even his supposed disappointment in the one's he was supposedly negative about i...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 17, 2016

Marz babbles about SOTU conference

Here's some dreary tweets ultra-leftist Marz wrote for the week of the State of the Union addresses. For example: Call to end gerrymandering, GOP butts stay in their seats. Therein is your problem, America. #SOTU— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) January 13, 20...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 16, 2016

Marvel emphasizes the demise of a major character in Civil War sequel

Just what one could've expected, the umpteenth crossover Marvel has the gall to foist upon everyone builds itself upon the death of yet-to-be-named character: Cackling like a cabal of super villains, a group of 50 shady characters recently met in a...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 11, 2016

Who would've thought Dan Slott would have a problem with Grover Norquist? But worse, he's been trolling again

This is almost too hilarious for words. The hack writer on Spider-Man and professional cybertroll - whom I recently discovered may have been posting more of his obnoxious junk in the comments here recently - said the following about a certain RINO: T...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 11, 2016

Conway sells out on Marvel creations, and only blames "right" for Oregon takeovers

More of Conway's hugely disappointing leftism in motion. We'll begin with a comment he made about Marvel's diversity propaganda: Backlash is pointless. To new readers, there’s nothing remarkable about black Cap or female Thor. It’s just cool. htt...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 9, 2016

I just don't see why Bendis is worried about Angouleme leaving out lady candidates

Some writers are boycotting the Angouleme comics convention because no women were included on the prize slate this year. But let's forget for a moment whether it's justified or not. What makes me sigh in disbelief is a certain somebody in the male cr...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 8, 2016

DC only gained mockery from those they sought to appease

In a recent Superman/Wonder Woman series annual, the editors and writers had no idea what exact languages are spoken by Pakistanis, even as they made Pakistan out to look like victims of non-Muslims: In this year’s recently released issue of Super...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 7, 2016

Joss Whedon's quitting his work with Marvel movies

The TV and film producer has said he's ceasing his work on Marvel movies in all instances. No matter how entertaining the Avengers movies are, I wouldn't feel disappointed to see him go, since he cast an embarrassing shadow over the productions with...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 5, 2016

Darick Robertson doesn't think art is democratic

Another case involving George R.R. Martin, as the artist who illustrated Transmetropolitan and a graphic novel called The Boys apparently agrees with the Game of Thrones novelist about art as a whole: This George has a point.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 4, 2016

George R.R Martin remains frozen in the 1960s

I found an interview Indiewire ran with the novelist who concocted A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of several novels which the Game of Thrones TV show draws from, written nearly 2 years ago, and honestly, I can't feel very impressed with Martin's na...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jan 1, 2016

Paul Levitz may know some history, but not common sense

At the end of this column on Arcamax, talking about history items and such, they bring up a new book about Will Eisner that's written by Paul Levitz, and says: This book doesn't have the Kidd touch, but it has something better: It was written by Pau...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 31, 2015

G. Willow Wilson kept up her apologia

I spotted some tweets by the disgraceful Muslim convert now writing propaganda at Marvel from a few weeks ago when the San Bernardino tragedy took place. Predictably, she tries to separate the issues by making it sound like it's 2 different belief sy...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 30, 2015

Graeme McMillan sugarcoats the Omega Men remake

The pretentious comics columnist now working for the Hollywood Reporter listed his picks for 2015, and thinks the remake of the far superior 1983-86 DC series is a classic: Tom King and Barnady Bagenda's reboot of the obscure space opera property is...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 28, 2015

Slott attacks Trump

Here's a tweet Dan Slott wrote where he goes to the defense of Islam from Donald Trump: Donald, does this mean you'll write thousands of apologies to Muslims in New Jersey? Since "there never was a video"— Dan Slot...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 24, 2015

Mother Jones' tasteless take on "diversity"

Mother Jones wrote an interview with Brian Vaughan about Saga, and they've proven themselves one of rational fandom's worst enemies in the process. The article begins with the nasty title of: "In a Galaxy Far, Far Away From Comic Book Bigotry,...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 23, 2015

He's way behind

The would-be conservative writer Jonathan Last recently wrote about Marvel's PC diversity obsessions on Acculturated, one of the very few articles I've seen him do for a site other than his own these days, but has again slipped on certain matters. Fo...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 21, 2015

Busiek ignores Scott Allie's reprehensible acts

I almost missed this, but Busiek's ignoring the offensive antics of a certain Dark Horse editor: @BLCAgnew @carynord Thanks. It was. A real treat to work with Cary, Dave Stewart, Scott Allie and the ineffable Richard Starkings.— Kurt Busiek (@KurtB...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 17, 2015

A most super-fawning take on Marvel's "reboot"

I'm not the least bit surprised that this column on Arcamax is gushing all over Marvel's absurd, diversity-laden rebootings. Here's the worst examples: MS. MARVEL #1: Strangely, this book also stars a non-white, non-male, non-sexualized girl, who is...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 15, 2015

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