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Does your family know right from wrong? Moral Reasoning

How did those in your life learn right and wrong? If you look around these days you start to wonder if anyone knows the difference between right and wrong. All day and every night the media is full of stories … Continue reading →...
by counseolrssoapbox on Apr 16, 2013

And the point is?

This idea of competition between groups and individuals within these groups is abhorrent to them. They are quirky, funny, odd, and often geniuses in disguise. Historians with photographic memories and the ability to synthesize that history, group th...
by on Apr 2, 2012

Scientific Impotence: How to Reject Belief-Challenging Research

Finding out that a dearly held belief is false can be very psychologically distressing. This is no surprise, because in many ways our human self-concept depends on a big bundle of beliefs and stereotypes. Thinking loosely about the self as a perso...
by Ingenious Monkey on May 25, 2010

Monkey Essence 10/04/13

Although I'm a little sad about posting more videos than research write-ups these last weeks, I'm still happy with the videos I've been able to put up here. The Bottled Water Video was really well done, the Drugs, Sex, HIV talk had it's share of high...
by Ingenious Monkey on Apr 13, 2010

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