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Life—and an ode to all the walks.

I remember…All the walks. Dark and cool alleys. White and blue. The sound of the waves in the distance. And the far rhythm of children’s laughter.And I remember. I remember his fingers between mine. The ecstatic but calm arrival of something I ha...
by Essaouira Walking on May 17, 2011

Time—and an ode to apologies.

An apology is in order. I know. I know.So, I apologize.I apologize for disappearing for a few days. For abandoning this blog, which is the happiest of projects to me. For stopping my walks. My walks in Essaouira. Ah, Essaouira Walking! It’s magic a...
by Essaouira Walking on Feb 25, 2011

Casablanca—and an ode to real life.

They say that it’s not authentic, not ancient or colorful enough. That it’s not Moroccan enough, like, say, Fez or Marrakesh. That it doesn’t portray the body and soul of this country.But are those not preconceived notions of exoticism? Because...
by Essaouira Walking on Jan 20, 2011

Morocco—and an ode to its unexpected pops of blue.

Blue. It had never been my color. Even as much as I love color, all colors, really, I never quite got to like blue. Granted, it is the color of the sky, and of the ocean. Two of the most magnificent elements of the universe. But the sky is almost alw...
by Essaouira Walking on Jan 18, 2011

Music—and an ode to the old men who play it.

Old men in Morocco. I see them, sitting in gentle alleys and observing the movement of life and time, and curiosity invades my every sense. Especially if they are wearing those djellabas…I feel the temptation. The temptation of going up to them and...
by Essaouira Walking on Jan 6, 2011

Today's Moroccan Photo

How many advices do you think you could get from this old man??I bet you that if you could pull a chair up next to him, you would be in for some insightful, wise conversation.***************Photo from
by Essaouira Walking on Dec 22, 2010

Morocco—and an ode to beautiful doors.

A beautiful house is known by its beautiful… That’s what I believe they say in Morocco. But to me, to me… the doors are enough. Ranging from the simple and practical, to the intricate and lavish. Painted in blues, greens, reds, whites, yellow...
by Essaouira Walking on Dec 13, 2010

Morocco—and an ode to quiet walks.

Morocco is full of life. And of energy. A rollercoaster for the senses. And the emotions.Monkey handlers. Snake charmers. Sparkling storytellers. Mysterious potion sellers. Colors. Smells. Movement.But for me, the charm lies somewhere else. The quiet...
by Essaouira Walking on Oct 26, 2010

Morocco—and on ode to looking through the bus window.

I think of those days. Those late mornings we caught a savage bus somewhere, and took off, completely disregarding all schedules and time. Going somewhere in Morocco. Anywhere. Because all the places have a hidden enchanting demeanor. A gentle feelin...
by Essaouira Walking on Oct 15, 2010

Today’s Moroccan Photo

******************** Photo from
by Bazaar Hopping on Aug 16, 2010

Today’s Moroccan Photo

******************** Photo from
by Bazaar Hopping on Aug 16, 2010

Today's Moroccan Photo

********************Photo from
by Essaouira Walking on Aug 16, 2010

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