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Ravenstonedale – Twixt Eden and Lune

I’m still trying to get a decent photograph of the Howgills from the top of Ash Fell. Somehow the weather or the time of day (sun angle) always seems to defeat me. Anyway, here’s my latest and despite its inadequacies I’m using it h...
by Around-England on Apr 23, 2015

The Howgills: The Less-Trodden Cumbrian Fells

The Howgills are much less well known than many of the Cumbrian fells, and yet they’re more accessible than most, being close to the M6 motorway and the towns of Sedbergh and Kendal. Their western slopes are right alongside the motorway as it p...
by Around-England on Jan 24, 2015

Wanthwaite Crags near Keswick – Autumn and Winter

A very brief item today. I just noticed that I had two photographs taken from almost identical positions (close to Burns Farm at St Johns-in-the-Vale near Keswick) showing Wanthwaite Crags, one from last October and the other this past week. So here...
by Around-England on Mar 23, 2013

Cairns on Wild Boar Fell

The photo below is of Wild Boar Fell, looking over the western side of Mallerstang Common from near Pendragon Castle in the Upper Eden Valley. If you look carefully you can just see the little points sticking up from the table top of The Nab, to the...
by Around-England on Oct 27, 2011

Coniston Old Man

Here’s a nice photograph of Coniston Old Man, behind the village of Coniston, that I came across on Wikimedia. It all looks very pretty in the snow, but it’s worth remembering that not too long ago men would climb up, at all seasons of th...
by Around-England on Feb 15, 2011

The Lake District – DVDs, Guides and Photos

It was around this time last year that I mentioned having Julia Bradbury’s “Wainwright Walks” DVDs (2 series from the BBC) on sale at half price.  Just now I was checking for some new Lake District products and spotted...
by Around-England on Dec 15, 2010

Lake District Mountain Landscape, Alastair Lee

Today I’m turning my attention back to the English Lake District and a book published earlier this year that would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves this most beautiful corner of England. In “Lake District Mountain Landscape” Alastair...
by Around-England on Dec 6, 2010

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