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Ornate Home in Italy Contrasts Modern Pieces with Palatial Rooms

Diff.Studio’s design for this ornate home in Italy layers contemporary style over a classic, rococo backdrop.  The end product is an exquisite blend of pieces that reflect the passage of time. The old architecture of the living room featured beaut...
by khairuddinuad on Sep 3, 2016

Cindy Deroeux. Nouvelle exposition au Café Graffiti

Le sens des couleurs, Cindy Deroeux Les influences de l’artiste Raymond Viger  Dossier Culture Jeune artiste française (originaire de Paris), autodidacte. Toute petite, elle dessinait. C’est sa mère qui lui a transmis la fibre artist...

Engage a Buyer, Sell a House

If you are selling your home, engage a buyer, and you'll have an improved outcome to sell a house, as discussed on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog. The post Engage a Buyer, Sell a House appeared first on Slipcovers for Your Walls.
by Slipcovers for Your Walls on Jun 29, 2016

How Does a Real Estate Agent Deal with Wallpaper?

Casart Coverings explores How Does a Real Estate Agent Deal with Wallpaper when selling a home on Slipcovers for your walls, casartblog. The post How Does a Real Estate Agent Deal with Wallpaper? appeared first on Slipcovers for Your Walls.
by Slipcovers for Your Walls on Jun 22, 2016

Decorating Your Kitchen with Attractive Backsplash Murals to Increase the Appeal Looks

Here, one of beautiful backsplash murals picture that you can use to decorating your kitchen. Normally located in kitchen, backsplash murals are placed over stove or sink and are designed to prevent oil splatter and heat from damaging or permanently...
by Home Design Ideas on May 27, 2016

More street art in Perth and Fremantle

On my second stay in Perth I found more rad murals around town.
by vegeTARAian on May 14, 2016

Grand River Creative Corridor & Derek Weaver

Photos of the Grand River Creative Corridor are ready to view, slideshow In the history of Michigan, Grand River Ave is a landmark. The road was born as a path had made by Native Americans along the north bank of the Cedar River . The road stretched...
by Detroit Karma on Apr 25, 2016

Last chance to help fund Grunwick40 commemoration

A message from Grunwick40 We've raised over £9,000 so far to commemorate the Grunwick strikers – that brave group of workers who stood up for their rights 40 years ago and inspired a generation, changing the face of trade unions as they did it.
by wembleymatters on Apr 21, 2016

Street art in Perth, Fremantle and Margaret River

Some of the amazing street art I saw in my travels around Western Australia.
by vegeTARAian on Apr 11, 2016

'Trade unions are not just for white men' - Grunwick film and panel at TUC on Friday

Friday April 15th at Trade Union Congress 23-28 Great Russell Street WC1B 3LS 7pm The TUC Race Relations Committee in association with the SERTUC Film Club presents a screening of ‘The Great Grunwick Strike 1976-1978: A History’,...
by wembleymatters on Apr 9, 2016

Cape Coats Are More Than A Novelty

Love ’em or hate ’em, cape coats are here to stay. While they may not be the most practical addition to your wardrobe for a snowstorm, they are a great way to inject a little style into your layered cold … Continue reading →...

Book now for Grunwick commemoration mural workshops

Click on image to enlargeCLICK HERE TO BOOKThis is your chance to partipate in designing a mural which will be installed on a prominent wall in Willesden in Autumn 2016. In 1976, six workers walked out of Grunwick Film Processing Laborator...
by wembleymatters on Mar 6, 2016

‘Sagittarius’ mural, Lima, Peru.

    A nice find in the hectic city of Lima, while in the Dragonfly I meantioned I was to make a mural in the countryside out of the city -Yangas Valley. The conversation ended up in me taking on the largest wall they had. I reused the tacti...
by Artist's in Progress on Mar 2, 2016

Mural in Buenos Aires

My travels started in Rio. ‘One travels to find ones self´’, many of us have a twist on that statement when we travel. For me I like to think I had a vague idea of what I wanted this to be all about when I started. In reality with a lit...
by Artist's in Progress on Mar 1, 2016


P • 68 •Tիe ր¡мր cիгიդւcles• 06 • 14 • 2011 Are you white? Are you Caucasian? Are you a god damn cracker? However you want to phrase it, I’m asking if are you of European dissent? I am. This fact alone gives me a huge advantage...
by web networkings on Feb 17, 2016

Meet tomorrow to help plan Grunwick commemoration 40 years on

Painting by Dan JonesPlans are forging ahead to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Grunwick strike, one of the most significant events for trade unionists and anti-racists in the last century.Plans include a mural, a major exhibition in conjunct...
by wembleymatters on Feb 17, 2016

25 Dazzling Geometric Walls for the Modern Home

Geometric prints are taking over the design world. Here are 25 ideas for creating your very own kaleidoscopic walls.The post 25 Dazzling Geometric Walls for the Modern Home appeared first on
by khairuddinuad on Feb 16, 2016

Tapiza con pinzas de colores

Por aquí en Tutéate, buscando inspiración sobre tapices para decorar paredes (algo que tenemos como pendiente probar), hemos acabado encontrado éstas originales creaciones de We Make Carpets que no tienen desperdicio. Resulta que estos 3 amigos...
by Tutéate on Feb 1, 2016

Begini Corat Coret Seni Graffiti Mural Art di Kota Karawang Dibuat

Corat Coret Seni Graffiti Mural Art di Kota Karawang. Inilah graffiti mural art alias seni jalanan dari komunitas graffiti kota Karawang, K-Town Writer. Sabtu sore kemarin, 16 Jan 2016 saya berhenti sejenak di pertigaan jalan Pasundan dan jalan Parah...
by Masbadar on Jan 18, 2016

Great Mural at Cribbs Causeway

 If I had been a little girl then the big pink glittering castle would have been amazing ...... .... but what I found was better. Along a corridor in John Lewis leading to the loos was a huge mural....If I could have bought anything th...
by Katie B's Blog on Dec 19, 2015

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