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Signs Of The Time, Part 115

This “Signs Of The Time” post is actually about signage. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s honorary street signs in downtown Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported this afternoon: After much fanfare from Chicago aldermen over the r...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 7, 2016

‘Black Lawmakers From Chicago’ Key To Reducing City’s Gun Violence?

Before the weekend, I blogged about Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s recent appearance on WGN-TV (Chicago Channel 9) where he discussed the city’s gun violence. Johnson brought up much-publicized (and delayed) legislation tar...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 6, 2016

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson On Tackling Gun Violence

Yesterday morning while watching the local news I spotted Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on WGN-TV (Chicago Channel 9) talking about the city’s gun violence. From his exchange with WGN’s Robin Baumgarten and Larry Potash: BAU...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 2, 2016

Chicago: November Murders Double From Last Year

November saw murders in Chicago double from last year. WGN-TV’s Nancy Loo reported this morning: The latest number only add to an already deadly year. Likely, the worst in two decades. But the numbers for November alone are alarming. According...
by Survival And Prosperity on Dec 1, 2016

Cult child sex abuse case starts - Verdade Celestial, U.N. albinism expert aims to end ritual murders, Scandal Involving Shamanistic Cult Threatens S. Korean President

- Cult child sex abuse case starts ("Verdade Celestial")- After abuse as a girl, U.N. albinism expert aims to end ritual murders- Swirling Scandal Involving Shamanistic Cult Threatens S. Korean PresidentCult child sex abuse case startsby TPN/ Lusa, i...

Must Read: Dallas Murders, Alinsky And Obama!

Many will say that the tragedy of 5 murdered police officers in Dallas has resulted directly from the racial division that Barack Obama has fomented and reinforced since taking office!And of course some will not.But for those American's who have thei...
by The Political Commentator on Jul 9, 2016

Illinois Democrats Savaged By African-American Gun Rights Activist Colion Noir

“Every cop on the street knows who’s doing the killing- it’s the gang members and felons these same fearless politicians refuse to prosecute and throw in prison. And all these anti-gun politicians have to offer is gun control… and then when t...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 7, 2016

Fourth Of July Weekend In Chicago: 67 Shot, 5 Killed

Despite early optimism, the long holiday weekend in Chicago turned out to be another deadly one. The HeyJackass! website (“Illustrating Chicago Values”) is reporting that there were 5 dead and 62 wounded in shootings over the Fourth of July weeke...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 5, 2016

Father’s Day Weekend In Chicago: 59 Shot, 13 Killed

The Chicago news media is reporting there were 13 dead and 46 wounded in shootings this Father’s Day weekend. The HeyJackass! website (“Illustrating Chicago Values”) notes there were 7 killed and 32 wounded over Father’s Day weekend in 2015,...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jun 20, 2016

Quote For The Week

“So the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attack (pretty pathetic how some tried real hard to paint this as merely workplace-related violence) wasn’t exactly ‘major,’ and anyone with at least half-a-brain should have seen this coming. But...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jun 13, 2016

Signs Of The Time, Part 106

From the celebrity news website TMZ this morning: The Game believes he’s dodging real bullets in Chicago now that a judge has granted his request to postpone a court hearing. According to legal docs, the rapper asked the judge to push a June 16...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jun 7, 2016

Chicago Tallies 7 Killed, 32 Wounded In Weekend Shootings

The HeyJackass! (“Illustrating Chicago Values”) website wasn’t kidding about Memorial Day Weekend marking the start of the annual “Summer Stupidity & Shooting Season” in Chicago. The local news media is reporting that there were 7 dead...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jun 6, 2016

Illinois ‘Gun Dealer Licensing Act’ Shot Down

“House Bill 1016, or the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, could make the process of buying guns in Illinois even harder. Under the new regulations, gun shop owners would have to apply for an additional state license on top of the ones they’re alread...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jun 1, 2016

Chicago’s 2016 Memorial Day Weekend: 7 Killed, 68 Wounded

Regular Survival And Prosperity readers may have noticed I haven’t blogged too much about Chicago recently. Reason being? I’ve grown tired of pointing out the obvious, which is the writing’s on the wall for the “Windy City,” and that scene...
by Survival And Prosperity on May 31, 2016

Former students call for inquiry into assault claims, Zambia police arrest four suspects for ritual murders that sparked riots

Two former students of the Fessenden School in Newton on Monday demanded a federal inquiry into alleged sexual assaults by staffers there in the 1960s and 1970s, saying they believe the suspected abuse extends far beyond the 17 individuals the school...
by Extreme Abuse Survey on May 10, 2016

PHOTOS: Ritualist Murders Pretty Girl Removing Parts Of Her Body In Borno State

Residents of Maiduguri have been left in shock... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit site or click title above]]...
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on Apr 29, 2016

Jamie Foxx In Talks For R-Rated Jim Henson Co. Puppet Movie ‘The Happytime Murders’

Ray, Collateral, and Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx has entered into negotiations to star in The Happytime Murders, an R-rated dark comedy puppet noir movie from The Jim Henson Company and STX Entertainment. The movie, which has been in development...
by Geeks of Doom on Apr 29, 2016

Box Office Buz: DVD and Blu-ray releases for March 29, 2016

Another great week of quality over quantity. Fantastic big screen titles and catalog today, this has been a movie lovers year so far. These are your new releases for March 29, 2016.
by Box Office Buz on Mar 30, 2016

February 2016 Game Releases for the Playstation 4, PS Vita and PS3

Here's a list of Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita games to be released and/or scheduled for release for February 2016. The post February 2016 Game Releases for the Playstation 4, PS Vita and PS3 appeared first on The Fanboy SEO.
by The Fanboy SEO on Jan 30, 2016

Midsomer Murders, The Cluedo edition

Just when it seemed that Midsomer Murders, which is currently on ITV (Wednesdays, 8pm), couldn’t get much more exciting – it turns up as a board game. Fans now get to play DCI John Barnaby or Ashleigh the vicar or even Sykes the dog to test...
by CrimeTimePreview on Jan 28, 2016

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