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Latest guilty pleasure: Made in Chelsea

It's embarrassing, but I admit that Made in Chelsea got me hooked after just one episode. They're wealthy, fashionable, obnoxious, stupid, have no idea how to act, but they are very entertaining in so many wrong ways! Here's the scene that sealed t...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on Dec 8, 2012

Smart move, Derek

On one of my sleepy commutes to work in the morning, this billboard advert caught my eye: Derek Ramsay's always shirtless -- in adverts, in his movies.. so all I could think about was: "This guy must only own one shirt -- which he never uses. At...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on Nov 2, 2012

Amy Winehouse Didn't Want to Sign Up For This

Amy Winehouse.  What a character, eh? Although the cause of her death last Saturday is still unconfirmed, I doubt that anybody was surprised by the news.  She had been on self-destruct mode for goodness knows how long.  People weren't...
by Frustrated Sosyalera on Jul 25, 2011

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