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Spring bicycle pillow and more on sale!

I wanted to let you now about the big sale going on in the shop today! It’s a great time to grab the Spring bicycle pillow and more! I am excited. I just ordered a bunch to sell at the Urban Farmgirl show in May. It’s one of the few shows...
by Jennifer Rizzo on Apr 18, 2016

New items in the shop including cute holiday leggings!!

Hi everyone!I’ve been crazy busy doing holiday shows and we got snow yesterday. I don’t know if I should say yay or yuck! I have some fun new stuff in the shop, including some really cute holiday leggings! I’ve not only been getting...
by Jennifer Rizzo on Nov 22, 2015

HEELED OXFORDS – Olive Green or Cream?

Simply can`t decide which lace color is the better! Olive Green Cream Any votes? :)...
by Sylvie`s Fashion Secrets on Aug 9, 2013


WOMEN ARE ALL THE SAME by SYLVIESSY Browse other Model Wall Clocks...
by Sylvie`s Fashion Secrets on Aug 8, 2013


This is my very first – and one & only design yet. Check out my store – and look at her back! :) New Designs will be posted & coming soon! xoxo Sylvie...
by Sylvie`s Fashion Secrets on Aug 8, 2013

Fabulous Finds Sale!

If you share my love of fabulous, gorgeous designer and vintage pieces, today is your Lucky Day!!I have for sale today two very wonderful vintage side tables/nightstands from Eloquence.  They are so beautiful and feminine.  They were used i...
by Southern Chateau on Apr 6, 2013

You Can Liven Up a Shirt with a Colourful Entrelac Scarf

I am in love with entrelac patterns I can't get it out of my mind. I've dreamed about entrelac knitting every night this week... At last, a finished project. Scarf and hat are so beautiful. Entrelac knitting is a very interesting type of knitting.
by Knitting Unlimited on Jan 19, 2013

Knitting Scarf

The following is the detailed instructions.Materials: Soft yarn, 200 gNeedles: No.7 or 8Cable needles Knitting scarf seems bit hard to knit.Examples:Wrap yarn 3 times around 3 stitchesWrap yarn 2 times around 3 stitches,  the center stitch...
by Knitting Unlimited on Aug 15, 2012

Square Round Pattern Is Quite Ideal For A Simply Scarf

I learned to knit a few years ago but had not done much with it. Basically just scarfs. Square round knitting pattern  is an  inexhaustible inspiration to me. I stuck at it until I realize it was in dark.Notes: -This stitch is not reversibl...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jul 16, 2012

A Scarf With Scalloped Shapes In The Front.

Free knitting pattern for beginners at is generally simple and easily understandable. If you practise regularly, your skill level will increase. With this scarf knitting pattern you can easily choice of colors that best fits your perso...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jun 22, 2012

A Scarf Knitting Pattern to Fit Medium Skill Level

Knitting is a unlimited hobby by age and very feminine.  It often gives me minutes of wonderful relaxation after mental stress. Maybe the stress of the modern life puts too much pressure.  For me, knitting is a good time to reflect on life...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jun 20, 2012

Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern

I have just finished a new scarf. It's combination of black - blue colours! It seems as easy as pie.  I knitted the scarf in five hour, there was nothing to it. I think that is good enough. Here are instructions to knit a scarf: Multiple of...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jun 13, 2012

Pink Lace Scarf

I have learnt English for six months. It is difficult to remember the rules. The grammatical structure of my English isn't quite good. I realize It is very hard to make people understood in English.True Joy is when your heart is overflowing with happ...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jun 7, 2012

Wed Clogs - Why Not?

Almost the whole winter I've been wearing my favourite ankle clogs. I feel so great in them that I think I would be even able to wear clogs for my spring wedding, of course if I was planning one. This is risky and don't do that if you are not crazy e...
by Elf's Stilettos on Mar 9, 2012

Pink Scarf Knitting Lit Up Face

I was given two balls of knitting wool on my birthday by my friend. (They all are unbranded merchandise ^^)  Therefore, I decided to used to knit scarf. The photo was taken with my mobile phone. It is much more beautiful in real life than in pi...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jul 6, 2011

Learn How To Knit a Carrot

Carrots are a kind delicious and nutritious food that is very good for your health and provides some vitamins that can help you reduce stress. While we usually associate carrots with the color orange, carrots can actually be found in a host of other...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jul 4, 2011

Spend a Little Time Knitting a Hair Tie

Nothing is particular! It's just a little hair tie. I knitted it in half an hour's time. Just for fun! Anybody can knit this, even a beginner could do it. It seems as easy and simply as pie. If you felt it is helpful for your hair ,you could do it. I...
by Knitting Unlimited on Jul 3, 2011

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