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The transience of my being Is in contradiction with the permanence Of this journey. I shall come back again And again Forever Until I get to travel Once With you besides me.
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 27, 2016

Old Things

Raj? Yes Princess? This rice cooker is not working! I know baby. Will repair it this weekend. How much do you earn Raj? Baby, I don't like where this conversation is going. Why have you not bought a new one? It's always the same, the burner of this a...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 13, 2015

With the Sun in my eyes

There was a turn up ahead on the road. A turn that I did not want to take. There are times when you don't want any further changes in your life at the moment. It was one such moment in my life in time. However, the concept of having a choice is rath...
by Once In A Lifetime on Mar 22, 2015

Footprints on the sands of time

I followed your trail through the ancient by lanes of my memory. I could see your footprints span across all my remembered life. I have never really trusted my memory. I forget more than I remember. But of this I am sure, that those footprints are no...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jan 15, 2015

Keep the lights on!

Many have tagged along, but you, you have been there all along. All these years on the road, I have been through trails thick and thin. My travails have taken me to edges of reason. I have been insane for longer intervals of time than I remember. And...
by Once In A Lifetime on Sep 10, 2014

Of Lifetimes and Will Yous

No. We won't be together for a lifetime. Lifetime is a word coined by poets. Waterman just borrowed it since it made their pens look more interesting. Nothing lasts a lifetime. Over the years, we will die many a deaths. In some we will be together; i...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 22, 2014

The First One is Always Special

I lost an umbrella of mine the day before. It had been with me for many years now and I miss it terribly. I ordered another one quite like the one I lost. They should be delivering it any one of these days. I know how I will feel when it finally gets...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 2, 2014

All My Colors... are colors of you

Borrowed from: What your golden glow  Does to a backless Cameo,  Is how i define Red.  Ah!
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 10, 2014

Lost Frames

I had a friend when I was growing up. I loved him and he loved me. There was this girl whom he fell in love with. And then I met her and unfortunately...fell terribly in love with her. You know how your first love is. It was magical. It is twenty yea...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jan 5, 2014

The girl in my wallet

Men's wallets are just as mysterious as those of women. Though smaller, they inturn have numerous pockets and pouches that are capable of safely tucking away many secrets. Mine is a leather wallet I go for a replacement every three or maybe four yea...
by Once In A Lifetime on Oct 24, 2013

Heaven and Hell

Raj, does heaven and hell exist? Yes Princess, it does. What is this between Hell and Fire? Why is hell always fiery? No idea baby, probably something to do with pain. I have heard that burns cause maximum pain. But Raj, how will you burn if you hav...
by Once In A Lifetime on Oct 8, 2013

In the little time that remains

Yes, I can walk back in time and join our lives together into one. I can make two rivers merge into the same sea. I can make both of us lose our identity and become strangers to ourselves. And then we will fall in love again. I can help you and me cr...
by Once In A Lifetime on Sep 20, 2013

Gecko Love

Raj, you need to know things about me that I have never told you. It will be easier for you to manage me that way. I hate lizards, they give me the creeps and they always stare me down. If you have lizards in your kitchen, there is no way I will do t...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 30, 2013


Raj...what is "Time"? Hmmm...why do you ask me stupid questions. I am not Aristotle! Honey, please answer this one for me please, I am a little muddled in my mind. Time is that which passes between a beginning and an end. It can be measured...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 30, 2013


I cannot promise you that I will be the best thing that will happen to you. Life is not a never ending circus, it has its ups and downs. And between the shows, I have heard that there is much hard work. When the curtains go up, i will be your favorit...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 13, 2013

Forever parallel

Do you see these tracks Raj? I do princess. What do they make you feel? Ah! Now you think I have feelings too? Offo Raj, I want an answer. I love being near them. In fact, I have one running close to where I live. Funny you would say that Raj. I liv...
by Once In A Lifetime on Aug 3, 2013

67 Love Songs

Have you been to places that time forgot Have you seen those faces lost in thought Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately Are you the same woman that I knew once,  or is it the one that I lost?   Do you, when you close your  eyes,  see tho...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 27, 2013

Lest we forget

Life burns up at rate faster than meteor showers. Before we have had a chance to blink, our moment is over, like the lives of those who came before. I have never tried to make sense of this hurry to consume, could never comprehend why it is so diffic...
by Once In A Lifetime on Jul 14, 2013

Another Day Another Time

For the time that I did not have with you, I do not blame you. For the time I had but could not spent, I do not hold myself guilty. I have observed that Life follows its own mysterious  rules. Some cycles are short, some long and winding, never endi...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 15, 2013

Forever Times

There are times, and then there are forever times. The happy times that you and I remember, together Are the forever times. Smoking in your dads attic Picking a fight with your neighbor cause your dog barked too loud Riding a rickshaw with you behind...
by Once In A Lifetime on Apr 4, 2013

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