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Reception: A Narrative

A little forward to this beauty: Are you ever just casually browsing social media and see a picture of someone that just makes you feel huffy and violated all over again, even though you'd forgotten about the whole thing?  That's exactly what...
by Notes From Carcosa on Jul 7, 2013

A Bath: A Narrative

Making a Cold Bath by Angedevil on DeviantartI found myself alone in his bathroom, feeling vulnerable like the spider that was lingering near the drain.  The mirror above the sink was too high to see anything but my neck and face, but I knew my...
by Notes From Carcosa on Dec 2, 2011

A Lie: A Narrative

So here is my first foray into something I'd love to make a regular part of this blog: a narrative of a tiny snippet of my life a la Sex and the City (the book).  Mike was telling me recently that by not publishing my writing, among other things...
by Notes From Carcosa on Nov 16, 2011

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