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KL Upside Down House, Tourist Attraction @ KL Tower, Malaysia

I really be happy when I explored inside the KL Upside Down House, which are located at Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara KL), Malaysia when they invited me and my friend blogger, Woan Koon. They launched a very new tourist attraction, " KL Upside Down...
by Selina Wing on Jul 29, 2016

TAG La, Best Trackers help you find your key, smartphone, wallet, hangbag, pet or anything

Everytime, my mom and dad always forget when they lost their important things, such as wallet or glasses or smartphones. They used to look for their lost things before they went out, that is why they are late! Sometimes, my sister or I will help my p...
by Selina Wing on Jul 2, 2016

Vivid Sydeny: Gigantic lizards on Opera House!

The multi-award-winning Vivid Sydney is here again in Sydney. Vivid Sydney runs 23 days from 27 May to 18 June 2016. Vivid Sydney transforms Sydney into time wonderland with innovative light installation and grand-scale illuminations and projections.
by Selina Wing on Jun 2, 2016

Skyrides Festivals Park, Putrajaya be 1st Biggest Tethered Balloon in Malaysia

Have you heard about the Skyrides Festivals Park, 1st Biggest Helium Balloon in Putrajaya? This is one of Putrajaya's attraction which they just launched on this year 2016. As you know, you always visit the Putrajaya Mosque, Seri Wawasan bridge and M...
by Selina Wing on Apr 7, 2016

My Journey To Green Tomato Cafe - Beautiful Garden In Kuala Lumpur

The Green Tomato Cafe is great lovely cafe, have a simple interior and outdoor garden as you  will enjoy a very fresh air when you relax under the shade of trees. They also serve customers with the delicious western food, you can grab your break...
by Selina Wing on Jan 20, 2016

How To Get Free Flights For Your Dream Vacation

Haven't you ever wanted to just pack your bags and go travel? You read stories of budget adventurers who leave their 9 to 5 jobs behind for a life on the road, roughing out odd chores for dinner and a place to stay for the night. Or perhaps you dream...
by The Filipino Lifestyle on Jan 17, 2016

[Hotel Review] U Hotel Penang @ Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

My mom's family back to Penang when we attended my cousin's wedding during the Christmas holiday on last year, 2015. We are looking for the cheap hotel which are near Bayan Lepas in Penang. I found out that Bayan Lepas get new hotel get 2 stars, "U H...
by Selina Wing on Jan 8, 2016

Sleep In Nap Pod @ I'm So Sleepy, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

In early afternoon, my mom and I went to Uptown, Damansara Jaya to visit new first-time Asia for nap pod company named, "I'm So Sleepy" are located at the Jalan , Uptown, beside the HSBC bank and dal.komm Coffee. You once see the Hair Depot shop, the...
by Selina Wing on Nov 27, 2015

Night of Fright 3 @ Sunway Lagoon

I love horror movie and haunted house! Horror is always my thing and if anyone suggest to watch horror movie or visit haunted house, I will definitely be the first to sign up! I have heard of Night of Fright since last year, but I was not able to go.
by Selina Wing on Oct 21, 2015

Superstar of Magic 4 Show & New XYZ Room at First World Hotel @ Genting Highlands

Superstars of Magic is back with its fourth instalments of spectacular Magicians from all over the world performing in one location. This year we have 7 outstanding World Class Illusionist standing by to bedazzle you right in front of your very eyes.
by Selina Wing on Oct 20, 2015

ITALGELato is Best Italian Ice Cream @ First World Hotel Genting, Genting Highlands

I had the chance to savor cool delicious beautifully crafted iced cream in Genting Highlands. ITALGELato ice cream is situated near the Lobby of First World Hotel Genting, the record hotel with world's most number of rooms.Wow, there are so many love...
by Selina Wing on Oct 20, 2015

OktoberFest @ Genting Club, Resorts World Genting

Yahoo! We have an awesome party to drink beer and eat buffet dinner and we enjoyed until late night during we celebrated German Oktoberfest 2015 at The Genting Club on last weekend. The Genting Club is open to the members only. I am lucky to get many...
by Selina Wing on Oct 15, 2015

ITALGELato is Best Italian Ice Cream @ First World Hotel Genting, Genting Higlands

I had the chance to savor cool delicious beautifully crafted iced cream in Genting Highland. ITALGELato ice cream is situated near the Lobby of First World Hotel Genting, the record hotel with world's most number of rooms.Wow, there are so many lovel...
by Selina Wing on Oct 14, 2015

Imperial Rama, Thai-Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) in Maxims Hotel, Genting Highlands

Last weekend, I invited to visit the Resorts World Genting, and tried to dine an unqiue and galactic culinary food, which are prepared by Chef Andy Seng from Imperial Rama Restuarant, which are located at the level 2, Maxims Hotel. I told by them, ab...
by Selina Wing on Oct 14, 2015

Lucky King Bun is Biggest Curry Chicken Bun @ Lukut, Port Dickson

Since my family and I reached the Port Dickson during hari raya hoilday, I told my mom that we should try a famous "Lucky King Bun" which sell in Lukut because I heard from my hearing friends that it is very big-size bun, just like your both palm han...
by Selina Wing on Aug 1, 2015

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag 2015!?

Hello gorgeous!Summer has finally arrived which means sun kissed skin, lighter hair, BBQs with friends and family, bonfires, pool parties, the well waited for summer breeze and most importantly, holidays and road trips! So for today, I thought I'd gi...
by Teen Diary on Jun 27, 2015

On the Roofs of Marvellous Munich!

As some of you know from one of my last posts, I’ve happened to be in Munich some weeks. What can I say? It was my first time in this beautiful town, I wish I could have stayed a little longer. Here we go! It’s funny, I’ve never be...
by Püttmann's Blog on Mar 30, 2015

Road to Mustang – A Motorbike Ride through the Himalaya!

Hello folks, today we will not soar into the sky with an airplane but we will come very close to heaven anyway! My good friend Manuel decided to let go everything back in Germany, grab a motorbike (manufactured in the 50s) and make a once-in-a-lifeti...
by Püttmann's Blog on Mar 11, 2015

Over 70 Years of Airliner History in Two Hours – One Day at Munich Airport!

Hello dear readers. Aviation enthusiasts – like me – often wonder what flying was back in time, like in the fifties. Back in the days when flying was not a daily routine as it is today. When flying beared a scent of adventure. When pilots...
by Püttmann's Blog on Feb 28, 2015

Holiday Snapshots – the Philippines

I am participating on the 21st edition of Holiday Snapshot by My Travel Monkey. My Travel Monkey interviewed me over my last travel – the Philippines and Singapore. Please visit […]...
by indahs travel photography on Feb 11, 2015

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