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Peter Lorre and Barry Nelson in the first CASINO ROYALE (1954)

Here's "Jimmy" Bond, only a year after the book was published.

Overlooked Films: William Campbell Gault's DEAD END FOR DELIA (1993)

In the premiere episode of Showtime's Fallen Angels, Gary Oldman stars in this Gault tale from the November 1950 issue of Black Mask.

Overlooked Films: "A Dime a Dance," from a BLACK MASK story by Cornell Woolrich (1995)

Based on the story "The Dancing Detective" from the February 1938 issue of Mask. This one stars Jennifer Grey and Eric Stolz, and was directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

Overlooked Films: Mickey Spilane's TOMORROW I DIE (1995)

Here's another episode of Fallen Angels. This one stars Bill Pullman in a non-Hammer story from Cavalier magazine.

Overlooked Films: Raymond Chandler's I'LL BE WAITING (1993)

Tom Hanks directed this adaptation of Chandler's Marlowe-free Saturday Evening Post story, for the Showtime series Fallen Angels.

Overlooked Films: THE LADY IN THE LAKE (1947)

Story by Raymond Chandler. Screenplay by Steve Fisher. Deadly dame by Audrey Totter. Together, they make my all-time favorite mystery film. What's Robert Mitchum doing in the YouTube shot below? Beats me. He wouldn't play Marlowe for another 28 years...


There's nothing overlooked about this film. It just bears watching again and again. Why not now?More good stuff at Sweet Freedom. ...

Overlooked Radio: THE WHISTLER

Here's good timing. Just as I was fumbling around for something to slap up here on Overlooked Tuesday, my new Facebook pal Patrick Carrico posted this link to five hundred and two (!) Whistler radio shows on my page. That's HERE. Thanks Patrick.

Overlooked Films: DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME (1947)

This 1947 brought out the big guns. The Dick Tracy most folks deem the best, and a co-star so famous he dumped "Dick" out of top billing. Got your popcorn? On with the show.  More Overlooked Media at Sweet Freedom.


Here's a strange one. A German-French-Italian production with a werid jazzy soundtrack and a screenplay by Curt Siodomak. For some reason, it seems to be set in the 1930s. Christopher Lee stars as Holmes, but it's been dubbed into English, and I'm pr...

Overlooked Films: The Continental Op (sort of) in THE DAIN CURSE (1978)

I remember being pretty psyched when this came to TV back in 1978. I was deep in the throes of hardboiledmania, and though I didn't care much for the novel, a TV portrayal of the Continental Op seemed like a very big deal. And I was a big fan of Jame...

Overlooked Films: THE WESTLAND CASE (1937)

 Last Friday's Forgotten Book was Jonathan Latimer's 1935 novel Headed for a Hearse (HERE). The book seemed custom made for a film, and Hollywood must have agreed, because two years later Universal released it as The Westland Case. Sad as s...


 Here's one of the all-time great Holmes movies. It's Rathbone and Bruce vs. Moriarty, and set in the proper century. But don't dawdle. You never know when the Gods of YouTube will decide we're unworthy to see it. More Film s...

Overlooked Films: I, THE JURY (1953)

  One of these days I'd like to see this movie in SHATTERING, SENSATIONAL, SEARING 3-D. Until then, I guess plain old 2-D will have to do....

Overlooked Films: CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OPERA (1936)

Overlook Films no more. Visit Sweet Freedom.

Overlooked Films: THE KENNEL MURDER CASE (1933)

Sure, it's only a Philo Vance movie, but with William (The Thin Man) Powell, Mary (The Maltese Falcon) Astor and a whole mess of dogs, how bad can it be? Find out for yourself, right here:More Overlooked Films at Sweet Freedom...

Overlooked Films: I LOVE TROUBLE (The Double Take) by Roy Huggins

I reviewed Roy Huggins' private eye novel The Double Take a couple of years ago (HERE). The novel introduced Stu Bailey, who went on to become my favorite TV detective in 77 Sunset Strip. At the time, I was surprised to discover the novel had been fi...

Overlooked Films: THE GRACIE ALLEN MURDER CASE (1939)

I read and reviewed the S.S. Van Dine novel The Gracie Allen Murder Case a couple of years ago, but I had never seen the film - until it turned up recently on YouTube.As I noted way back when, the  book came about when, near the end of S.S. Van...

Overlooked Films: Mr Moto in "DANGER ISLAND" (1939)


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