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Solique Hush + UV-Glow Top Coat

Hello Sunshine! So last weekend, I went to Cebu and Bohol for a getaway with M and friends. It was super fun! And I came pretty prepared. Emphasis on the pretty! I painted my nails with Solique Gel Polish in Hush and topped it off with Solique UV-Glo...
by Chase Beautiful Things on May 26, 2016

Solique by Girl Stuff

Hello Sunshine! So excited to share with you a polish range that is super fit my brand. It's Solique by Girl Stuff, a gel-like nail polish range that delivers gel-like lasting polish and shine, without the harm! Check it out! Love Me Like You DoMidn...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Sep 17, 2015

This Shade of Grey

Hello Sunshine! It's February 14, and I can hear the pyro-music festival here in our veranda. I thought there was thunder, turned out it was just the pyrotechniques making a havoc in the atmosphere! I'm listening to a lot of Katy Perry songs on Spoti...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Feb 14, 2015

A hint of Hope and a dash of Gold

Hello Sunshine! So... Valentine's day is just around the corner. How do you feel about that? Because I dread Valentine's day. I feel like there's so much pressure placed on this one day of "love". The idealistic side of me would argue--love should be...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Feb 10, 2015

Caramel-dipped nails

Hello Sunshine! Here's my super favorite polish as of late! A rediscovered nail polish from Etude House! I don't even know the product name wah! But I really love it. It's so cute on the bottle, and on my nails! Check it out: I love how it makes me t...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Nov 13, 2014


Hey~! Easter is coming so I thought of making a quick nail art tutorial for you guys. If you are wondering and cannot figure out what I made in this post, kindly read the title. LOL. I'm sorry if it doesn't look anything near a real chick! *nyahahaha...
by MissKatV on Apr 15, 2014


I have received this product a few months ago but didn't have enough courage to use it on my nails. I have tried it once but I failed sooo bad. I didn't touch it since that day. lol. But since it was sent for a review, I have to give it a second chan...
by MissKatV on Mar 7, 2014


Here's a quick nail art tutorial that I posted on Instagram weeks ago. It was inspired from Santa's red suit. I think it's so easy to do on the nails and perfect for the season. The photo is self explanatory so I won't describe the steps one by one.
by MissKatV on Dec 20, 2013


HALLOWEEN is coming and I can't still think of a good nail art design for my nails. So I ended up searching for it on google. I was not surprised that most of the results are almost the same. Colors to be exact. The design carries the color that repr...
by MissKatV on Oct 30, 2013


Doing a NAUTICAL INSPIRED nail post for a change. /haha Yah, I know everyone is busy making HALLOWEEN inspired nails. So I thought of making something VERY different. /hihi.So for today, I'll be showing you my cousin's nails. Since mine were too shor...
by MissKatV on Oct 26, 2013

Bubblegum Drop and Ice Cream Nails

Tweet Like this post if you love sweet goodies! Hello Sunshine! This morning, I woke up humming Sweet dreams are made of these... True enough, I think today's nail post sure is made of sweet dreams! Yes, I'm talking about Etude Ho...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Mar 24, 2013

What the Fuchsia

Tweet I've always hated spelling out fuchsia because I grew up worrying whether I spelled it right or not! Good thing, I decided to take matters my own and read about the color. Grateful to discover that the color fuchsia was discovered...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Feb 12, 2013

Essie Neo-Whimsical

Tweet It has been forever since I last shared with you a nail post! That is because, it's been forever since I got to take care of my mani! Would you believe, that the length of NOTD drought on this blog is equivalent to the length of ti...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Jan 30, 2013

NAILS: Pretty Baby

Tweet Ever liked a polish combination so much, you wear the very same thing twice? Ahem. I know fashionistas out there would be caught dead wearing the very same everything twice. Good thing I'm not! Remember my Pink Cleanse post? Well, I enjoye...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Nov 6, 2012


Tweet Let's admit it, holographic polishes are hard to resist. Well, when I received a few holo polishes from my friend Joann of, I held on to the idea of using the lot of the holos... all at once! Well, holos are bea...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Oct 25, 2012

NAILS: Fearlessly Fuchsia

Tweet Remember this very beautiful UltraViolet nailpost here? Did you know it changes when you apply top coat to it? It's magical! To know the color it changes into, read after the jump! Tadennnn! Isn't it amazing how it transforms i...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Oct 12, 2012

NAILS: UltraViolet

Tweet Among the many polishes I received a few weeks ago, this by far is the most epic. Would you believe that what I'm wearing below is but one coat of Nabi Metallic Fuchsia* polish? Oh, let me not forget that I'm not wearing a top co...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Oct 11, 2012

NAILS: Vampy and Sexy

Tweet Earlier in the beginnings of nail polish, most lacquers were simply reds because polishes were essentially made to match women's lipsticks, which were also mostly reds back then. In fact, polishes was allegedly derived from the concept...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Sep 21, 2012

NAILS: Choose Me

Tweet After not one (Nicole Sounds Grape to Me), not two (Nicole Sounds Grape to Me under Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Scarlet), not three (Ever Bilena Black under Milani Jewel in Gold), but four (Borghese in Stellar Notte) nail po...
by Chase Beautiful Things on Aug 27, 2012

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