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Teaser Game One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Bandai Namco Games baru saja mulai menampilkan teaser untuk game game yang akan datang, One Piece Kaizoku Musou 3 (One Piece Pirate Warriors 3). Bandai Namco Games merencanakan game ini akan dirilis untuk PlayStation 4,......
by KantaKu on Sep 25, 2014

Breve historia de los Videojuegos – Pacman

by on Sep 24, 2014

Super Saiya Misterius Dari Masa Depan di Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Bandai Namco Games baru saja merilis info terbarunya mengenai game terbarunya untuk serial Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Dalam Dragon Ball Xenoverse, menceritakan Trunks, seorang kesatria Saiya dari masa depan. Juga, seseorang yang misterius...
by KantaKu on Aug 28, 2014

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: New game videos

Namco Bandai today during Japan Expo showed videos with the new gameplay Dragon Ball Xenoverse . In the videos you can see the fights between characters where a new destruction system (for scenarios) is also shown for the battle as close as possib...
by SaucyPost on Jul 4, 2014

Ace Combat Infinity ya tiene fecha de salida

Finalmente nos han revelado desde Namco la fecha de salida para uno de los juegos mas esperados por todos aquellos fanaticos de los simuladores de vuelo, Ace Combat Infinity. El juego que viene a revolucionar los titulos de aviacion como los conociam...

Tales of Hearts R si llegara a España

Tales of Hearts R llegara a Occidente, segun ha confirmado el dia de hoy Namco Bandai, con lo cual sin duda todos los seguidores de la franquicia Tales of estaran mas que contentos. De momento se ha confirmado su llegada a España, pero si llega a es...

Dark Souls II: What A Wonderful World

When you finally reach the hub-world of Majula, you are left to your own devices. It doesn’t take long to realise that you are going to have to do quite a bit of digging before you understand your true purpose, which lies elsewhere in the stran...
by Hold.Start.Select on Mar 18, 2014

Dark Souls II: I Am Not Prepared

Perhaps the reason why Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls were so popular is because they encourage the player to build their own experience within the boundaries and rules created by the development team. When I stand atop a fallen castle, or on a cliff...
by Hold.Start.Select on Mar 17, 2014

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for PS3 available on February 25, 2014

The Tales JRPG series has garnered a massive global following throughout the years, thanks to its colorful characters, unique battle systems, and overall charm. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles brings two Tales adventures to PS3 for the first time: the...
by EGamersCentrum on Feb 1, 2014

Ace Combat Infinity for PS3 Trailer

The latest in the Ace Combat series is going free-to-play on PS3, and the development team wants gamers to try out the fast-paced arcade combat for themselves in a beta that launches next week.Ace Combat Infinity celebrates the fun of dog fighting, a...
by EGamersCentrum on Feb 1, 2014

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle on PS3 Trailer

Prepare for deafening colors and outrageous poses. All-Star Battle is a stylish, one-on-one fighter launching exclusively on PS3. Developed by the aforementioned ninja experts at CyberConnect2, All-Star Battle follows all eight story arcs from the or...
by EGamersCentrum on Feb 1, 2014

Enemy Front for PS3 Available on June 2014

The team at CI Games has more than just Lords of the Fallen to keep it busy. The Polish studio also had Enemy Front on display at the showcase — a first-person shooter running on CryENGINE 3.The developers initially wanted to tell a story set in Wo...
by EGamersCentrum on Feb 1, 2014

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution for PS3 and PS4

The team at Cyberconnect2 has demonstrated its passion for the Naruto universe for years, and continues to do so with Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. This fast-paced fighting game empowers players with spectacular attacks, highlighting quick thinkin...
by EGamersCentrum on Jan 31, 2014

Lowongan Tuban – PT. Inamco Varia Jasa

Lowongan Inamco Varia Jasa – Tuban | PT. INAMCO VARIA SERVICES is a company established in 1978 that specializes in the provision, management and workforce development for the Indonesian mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. The compa...
by Lowongan Surabaya on Oct 16, 2013

J-Stars Victory Vs. – El videojuego de Shonen Jump

Namco Bandai está trabajando en el proyecto “J-Stars Victory Vs.“, el cuál es un videojuego de lucha para PlayStation 3 y PS Vita que mezclará los protagonistas de diferentes series de anime como por ejemplo: Dragon Ball, Naruto Sh...
by ALSWblog on Oct 14, 2013

Campeones en la Sombra – Billy Mitchell

Campeones en la Sombra…por César del Campo de Acuña Hoy en día los videojuegos son casi un deporte. Exigen horas de dedicación, buenos reflejos y una habilidad innata para dominarlos. Pero claro, al haber tantos juegos diferentes ¿Cómo discer...
by on Oct 8, 2013

Because, Awesome: The Snake Plissken Video Game That Almost Happened, Then Didn’t

John Carpenter's 1981 post-apocalyptic action-thriller Escape from New York is one of my all-time favorite movies. Shot on a low-budget with the slums of St. Louis, Missouri subbing for the crime-riddled streets of a walled-off Manhattan Island, Carp...
by Geeks of Doom on Sep 27, 2013

Hidden Gems – Splatterhouse

Hidden Gems…Por César del Campo de Acuña El inconfundible sonido de la carne al desgarrarse – Splatterhouse Aunque pueda parecer una cuestión baladí escoger que videojuego comprar puede suponer todo un reto. Dejando a un lado series y sag...
by on Sep 20, 2013

New Game Dark Souls 2 Release Date has been annouced

Namco Bandai announced that it will launch the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 version of Dark souls 2 on march 11 2014 in North America. On 14 March the game will be available in European markets. Namco Bandai announced at a Tokyo Game show conference.
by AxeeTech on Sep 19, 2013

Dark Souls II Release Date

Namco Bandai has announced that their acclaimed RPG Dark Souls 2 will be seeing its release on March 11, 2014, for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The announcement was made during during Namco’s pre-Tokyo Game Show co...
by Beer andJoysticks on Sep 18, 2013

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