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Perfect Picnic at Dunquin

Joey and I are big fans of picnics. Our picnics usually involve good cheese, a ton of bread, some form of meat, and (my favorite part) a carton of grape tomatoes. The best part, however, is finding the picnic spot. We like to hunt for the best picnic...
by Teach Travel Taste on Jul 21, 2011

Wieners in the garden

Otis and Riley love spending time outside playing in the garden, looking for bugs (or mice?), always on the lookout for squirrels, enjoying the sun, and catching naps.
by Mourning Dove Cottage on Jul 20, 2011

Oh insomnia, I know thee well.

So here I sit, next to a sleeping Mr. Emmett John. You notice the problem with this equation I’m sure…he’s asleep (as he should be) and I am not (as I shouldn’t be). That’s right folks, the days of working myself to the...
by Daily Mommy Survival on Jul 14, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Not Dead, Just Took a "Long Nap"

We all know how rumors go, so it comes as little surprise that reports claiming Charlie Sheen passed away spread like wildfire. Quickly putting the illegitimate gossip to rest, the former “Two and a Half Men” star reassured his followers with a...
by on Jul 13, 2011

Is it normal to feel dizziness on and off when you stop smoking? I am on my third day.?

What can I do to stop the dizziness? It is normal to experience different symptoms while quitting smoking. Your body is so dependent on the fulfillmen...
by Stop Me Smoking Now on Jul 9, 2011

How many hours of sleep is good for our health?

I was one among you who is hard to sleep early at night. Thishabit was affecting not good for my health. I always play on the internet late into the night, then watched television until I fell asleep in front of the television.
by Healthylife and Fitness on Jun 22, 2011

60% Admit to Driving While Drowsy

As the Independence Day weekend gets closer, a survey of 1,000 warns Americans that sleepy driving is a factor in one of six fatal...

Nap time for mommy?

I must have heard it a million times if I have heard it once, “sleep when the baby sleeps.” This is the most common advice I hear when I am pregnant or when people see I have a newborn. Every time I turn around someone is telling me to sleep when...
by Mom Mart on Jun 9, 2011


Oh man! you can't imagine how tired I am today, don't know how many times I almost felt in sleep. Think its the result of to little sleep and the devil session yesterday, but enough about that! Today I've clean our room in school, just...
by Life 360° on Jun 7, 2011

The No. 1 Productivity Technique That Can Make You More Money

As an entrepreneur, time is your most important asset, and if you’re wasting it doing things other than “money making activities”, your business will FAIL. I’m going to share with you my #1 technique for minimizing distraction...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Jun 4, 2011

Ostrich-Inspired Travel Pillow to Nap Anywhere, Noise Free

“Ostrich offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isol...
by dornob on May 29, 2011

I can never sleep Help

I can never sleep! Help!? I can never sleep (male). I can stay awake for a year and never feel sleepy why? Once i fell asleep for 2 hours and was soooooo not awake. When i don't sleep I feel more awake! The Best Answer: Reduce you caffein intake...

Can you take a nap whilst wearing contact lenses

Can you take a nap whilst wearing contact lenses? I've been told not to sleep in my contacts. But suppose I want to take a little nap on the coach or something… Would it be too dangerous? The Best Answer: I wear contact lenses, I took a na...

Playtime Hideaways

In a house full of activity it is nice to try and create special spaces for kids. Outside is always ideal, but inside can also be fun. In the summer I have created outdoor tents using PVC plastic pipe from … Continue reading →...
by The Well-Dressed Home on May 13, 2011

OMG nap time

It’s nap time for little thumb sucker Teco...
by Joke Radar on May 12, 2011

Should i go to the hospital 10 points please help

Should i go to the hospital? 10 points? plz help? I felt fine this morning then i took a nap and i woke up because my stomach was in severe pain. I was rolling on the floor crying. My family has it too but im worse. They dont throw up but i threw up...

Do you put up with Extreme Fatigue? Learn how you can treat the problem

Do you ever go through extreme fatigue or extreme tiredness? A lot of people do, and it also can be quite upsetting and depressing. Extreme fatigue does not necessarily mean being tired during the day or needing a quick nap on Saturday. Extreme fatig...
by Fabian Davila on Apr 8, 2011

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