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Haircuts natural hairstyles for short hair

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by Latest Fashion Week on Jul 22, 2014

Style Tutorial | Scarf Twist-Out

You may recognise this style from the 10 Looks of April Challenge. I love this style so much I thought I’d do a quick tutorial video on how I do it. Enjoy!!
by My Long Hair Journey on May 13, 2013

Basic Natural Hairstyles | The Fringe (Bangs)

In part 1 we looked at ponytail styles, now we need a fringe/bang style to combine with your ponytail style. Try different combination for numerous looks. Start by parting your fringe/bang and choosing the position of your style: left, right or centr...
by My Long Hair Journey on Dec 21, 2012

Basic Natural Hairstyles | The Ponytail

I’m doing a short series on basic hair styles which I personally rock with either my textured or straightened hair.  The series is split into ponytail styles and fringe (bangs) styles. I basically mix and match to get the look I want. Firstl...
by My Long Hair Journey on Nov 5, 2012


by ListenSpeakBlog on Aug 7, 2012

Natural Hair Styles

by Celebrity Hairstyles on Jan 29, 2012

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