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Interview With Helen Donovan, Author of WHAT GOES AROUND

Welcome, Helen. What is your book about? What Goes Around is about Phoebe who is adopted at birth. She’s yearned to know where she came from for as long as she can remember, so after she graduates from college she hires a private investigator t...
by Pat Bertram Introduces . . . on Jun 6, 2016

Nature, Nurture, and Me

Which came first, the addiction or the trauma? About a year ago, Jonathan Taylor, a professor at California State University in Fullerton, assigned his students some reading from my book, The Chemical Carousel, for his “Drugs, Politics, and Cult...
by Addiction Inbox on Apr 25, 2013

Girls are made of spice and everything nice

So, is it nature or nurture? Or is nature nurturing our viewpoints? From this site, During the previous Presidential election cycle, my wife and I were supporters of John Edwards (love doesn’t always win, John) and yet, my daughter was a fan of...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Apr 6, 2011

Yet another post about how great my kids are. Also, I really miss Bubbles.

Before I became a mom, I used to hear other parents talk about how their newborn has such a sparkling personality and I would roll my eyes so far back into my head they would get lodged there for days. Seeing that all they do is drink milk and sleep,...
by Mother, Inc on Oct 28, 2009

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