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The Northern Thunder exercises, in Hafr Al-Batin, near Saudi Arabia

Soldiers take pictures as flame and smoke are seen following air bombardments during the Northern Thunder exercises, in Hafr Al-Batin, near Saudi Arabia's border with Iraq.
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Mar 11, 2016

Saudi-Iran rift weakening Muslim Ummah : Pakistan Army Chief

 Saudi-Iran rift weakening Muslim ummah: Army chief...
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Jan 19, 2016


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman receives Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif and Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Shareef in Riyadh.
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Jan 18, 2016

Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir visits Pakistan

 Saudi foreign minister visits Pakistan...
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Jan 8, 2016

Surprise Visit !!! Narendra Modi Pakistan Tour Online News @ 25 Dec 2015 Live Telecast Online

Narendra Modi Visit Pakistan Vido Online , Online Live  Modi Surprise Visit  Pakistan , India PM Narendra modi Visit Lahor Pakistan , Today 25  December 2015 Modi Visit Pakistan News Online  Live Photos and Video.     Narendra Modi Surpris...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Dec 25, 2015

General Raheel Sharif on a two-day official visit to the Kingdom of ‎SaudiArabia‬

 Pakistan‬'s Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on a two-day official visit to the Kingdom of  ‎SaudiArabia‬...
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Nov 6, 2015

:-(….دل نے سرکار خود کشی کرلی

Another great article by Wusatullah Khan.
by Arcane Dignitary on Sep 23, 2015

Human of New York in the other Pakistan

Written By: Hana Wali for Dawn News. Link to the original article is given below.( )Quite a few pictures from Pakistan on the popular photoblog Humans of New York’s (HONY)...
by Finding Neverland on Aug 17, 2015

इन बतछुरियों की काट ढूँढिए!

पाकिस्तान है कि मानता नहीं! मुँह में बात, बग़ल में छुरी! इधर बात, उधर छुरी! हम बतकही करते हैं, पाकिस...

Live Indian PM Modi Meet Nawaz Sharif Pakistani Leader Online Now @ Today 10 July 2015 Live Telecast

Narendra Modi  Nawaz Sharif Meet  Live Online  Indian Prime Minister and Pakistani Leader Online 2015  Live, Online Live Modi  Vs  Nawaz Sharif  2015  Online,  Indian PM Narendra Modi Meet Pakistan Leader nawaz Sharif  2015 Online , Today 1...
by Manabadiresults2015 on Jul 9, 2015

Famous Lahore Politicians

Aitizaz AhsanHafiz Muhammad Saeed, amir of Jama'at-ud-Da'wahImran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-InsafJahangir Badar, Member Pakistan Senate, former General Secretary Pakistan Peoples PartyKhawaja Saad RafiqueMalik Ghulam Muhammad, Governor-Genera...

Famous Scholars From Lahore

Alfred Cooper Woolner, Sanskrit scholarJohn Lockwood Kipling curator, artist and ethnologist, also father of Rudyard KiplingAllama Mashriqi, mathematician, political theorist, Islamic scholar, founder of the Khaksar movementAlamgir Hashmi, English an...

Trois jours de deuil national au Pakistan à jour le mercredi 17 décembre 2014 à 4 h 54 HNEReutersDes Pakistanais transportent le cercueil d'un élève tué mardi dans l'atta...
by Information sur la Politique on Dec 17, 2014

Things people of Pakistan needs to understand: Strengthening of Pak Army only means a strong Army, which is only an institution, not the state. To strengthen the State of Pakistan we, as a nation, will have to strengthen the Parliament. To strengthen...
by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Oct 19, 2014

In next elections, Imran Khan won’t be a voter’s Third Option but the Worst Option…sadly Tagged: Azadi march, end of azadi march, go nawaz go, imran khan, nawaz sharif, naya pakistan in kpk, PTI, pti go nawaz go campaign...
by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Oct 2, 2014

PM Nawaz Sharif prompts Chaudhry Nisar to name one particular channel

by Funpki on Sep 3, 2014

by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Sep 3, 2014

Tagged: Azadi march, imran khan, nawaz sharif, pakistan, tahir ul qadri...
by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Sep 3, 2014

اور پھر خواب ٹوٹنے لگے۔ ۔ ۔

گیارہ مئی 2013 ۔ پاکستان کی تاریخ میں پہلی مرتبہ آئینی طور پر متنخب حکومت کے پانچ سال مکمل ہونے کے بعد عام انتخابات کا انعقاد چھ جون 2013 ۔ محم...
by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Sep 1, 2014

قصور بے نظیر کا اپنا تھا۔ ۔ ۔

اب جبکہ اسلام آباد کا ریڈ زون سچ میں ریڈ ہو رہا ہے۔ ۔ ۔وہ بھی خون سے۔ ہر طرف سے بچاو بچاو کی آوازیں تو آ رہی ہیں لیکن بچانے والا نہیں آ رہ...
by Paki Gentleman's Blog on Aug 31, 2014

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