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What else, except salary, is there to bargain for your first job in Sweden?

You should remember that there are other things than pure salary to bargain about in Sweden before signing the contract with your new employer.  We have talked to Erica who has been working for a couple of years within sales and marketing in Sweden.
by Let’s Build Our Future on Feb 10, 2016

How To Negotiate Salary In A Poor Job Market?

Negotiating salary can be tough, especially in a poor job market. However, you can still do your best to get the best offer possible. Here are five ways that will never fail you. 1 Never Underestimate Yourself Believe in yourself. Have faith in your...
by Wealthymatters on Sep 3, 2013

Pay Increase: How Not to Ask

  Written by Catherine Adenle Asking for a pay increase could be nerve-wracking regardless of your position in an organisation. In this slow economy, it’s even a bit risky if you are not cautious about having a justifiable strategy when you a...
by Catherine's Career Corner on Nov 19, 2012

8 Ways to Turbo-Boost Your Promotion at Work!

Written by Catherine Adenle Does it feel like you are a spectator at work? Have you been watching as your peers fly past you as they climb the corporate ladder of success? Do you think you are ready to move up [...] Related posts: Tips on some dos an...
by Catherine's Career Corner on Aug 17, 2012

Five Things to Negotiate While Waiting for a Raise

Because the economy has been miserable for a while now, many of us have succumbed to shortage mentality. We wouldn’t dare ask for a raise. And in fact, few companies have been giving out raises. Instead, benefits have been cut and then cut again. N...
by Radical Love on May 26, 2012

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