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10 Things To Do With a New Blog Post

*This post contains affiliate links* What do you after you hit publish on a new blog post?  This sounds like it should be easy as pie, but if you are new to blogging or just incorporated a blog into your business framework you might not actually kno...

How to Launch a Brand New Blog (with a Bang!)

Three years later, I can vividly remember the day I launched my very first blog ever. Well, it wasn’t much of a fanfare, and I didn’t have the experience and knowledge I’m sharing here today, but still I was excited to high heavens.
by Ahlinya lambung on Apr 4, 2016

Top 10 Must Have Blogger Plugins, Gadgets or Widgets

10 Must Have Blogger Plugins, Gadgets or Widgets 2016 Gadgets and Widgets in Blogger Blogspot also known as Plugins in WordPress.Most of the new Blogger and Some pro blogger are running blogs with Blogger Blogspot, So you may need to extend the func...
by bloggercare on Mar 14, 2016

6 Basic Things to Know Before Starting a Blog on WP

Things You Should Know Before Starting A New Blog / Business on WordPress in 2016 Lots of Newbie wants to know How to Start A New Blog ? and Need Full Beginner’s Guide in 2016. Starting your personal blog doesn’t be complicated or expensive.
by bloggercare on Mar 6, 2016

My New Blog Design.

Well I have been having a bit of a play around. I wanted my blog to look a bit more calming I suppose. I basically decided I wanted it to look a bit more subtle and not so sharp on... The post My New Blog Design. appeared first on LongitudeOfLife.
by The Longitude Of Life on Feb 20, 2016

One of One – Candace Lee Camacho

Starting the vibes off slowly. It’s not very often nowadays that you come across someone with such silky vocals. It’s the pureness of her song that is what really draws you in. Often hearing an R&B song can lead a listener to believe...
by Kaleidoscope Music on Jul 1, 2015

Good Morning – Preston Harris

Can I just be the first one to say that Mr. Preston Harris can wake me up with his smooth voice ANY TIME. This is my first time hearing Preston Harris (@prestosings on SoundCloud) and instantly I’m in love. His voice reminds me of a young John...
by Kaleidoscope Music on Jul 1, 2015

New Identity, New Look

After almost 5 years of battling indecisiveness (which comes quite naturally to me by the way:), I finally did it. I rebranded my blog. If I were to explain why I did it after all these years in a few words – it just wasn’t me, anymore.
by Roz Ka Khana on Apr 12, 2015

“New Season! ~ New Blog Layout! Still editing, ain’t finished yet. Lotta CSS-thingies…”

“New Season! ~ New Blog Layout! Still editing, ain’t finished yet. The post “New Season! ~ New Blog Layout! Still editing, ain’t finished yet. Lotta CSS-thingies…” appeared on
by on Apr 1, 2015

patching the pieces

I started working on my new website. Here's a first glimpse. I'll be adding actual content, soonish, and I'll continue to blog here as well. My mom and I have been switching the days we go down to visit Boo based on Andy's work schedule, which i...
by Normal is a Dryer Setting on Mar 3, 2015

Tips To Get Traffic To A New Blog

Most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see any traffic from their blog(s). Even who have started their blogging career long time ago don’t see much improvisation in their traffic.   Why?   Because they don’t f...
by BloggingForDollarz on Dec 7, 2014

Are you looking for Melomeals recipes?

CLICK HERE FOR MY NEW BLOG Since this  blog was hacked recently, I have thought long and hard about what I want to do with my content.Over the years, I have freely given away several cookbooks worth of recipes; which was great, because I lo...
by Melomeals on Nov 17, 2014

Blog Makeover: 2014 Edition

Living Healthy in the Real World has undergone quite a few blog makeovers over the six years that it’s been around, and now it’s time for another one! Over the past couple years, I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like, in...

Welcome to my brand new blog…

  After almost 60 hours of being down in maintenance mode, my brand new website is finally up and running. The new layout was designed (by my husband and myself) with the reader in mind. Its... Special Offer: Use the code "RAINBOW10" to receiv...
by A Bowl Full of Lemons on Jul 30, 2014

6 Essential Steps to Popularizing a New Blog

Even though blogging can be a great way to earn a passive income, it can also be a very rewarding experience as well.  Most of the time when someone starts a blog they do so to reach out to a specific audience online and build meaningful connection...
by Great Passive Income Ideas on Jul 29, 2014

Cosmopolitan Superblogger Masterclass review

On a hot and humid day this June hundreds of bloggers gathered at Altitude 360 in Millbank London in anticipation of Cosmopolitans Blogger masterclass.We were offered water, orange juice or champagne on arrival and waited expectantly to be let in for...
by Kathcake Blogging on Jun 30, 2014

Learning to Blog – Celebrating my 100th Post with Tips for you/ Part 1

A year ago, I would never have considered writing a post about learning to blog.    Why?  Because at this time last year, my blog was merely an idea suggested to me by my son as a means to share my creativity and passion for creating a beautiful...
by Chocolate and Sunshine on May 26, 2014

Blog ANNOUCEMENT!!!! ---{{Launching Art+Java}}

Ladies, and Gentleman.... say goodbye to this blog and hello to my new & improved blog >>Art+Java in the morning. Also say goodbye to my artist fb page too, I decided that showing my artwork and creative journey with you all on the blo...
by My kluttered blog on May 7, 2014

Off and Running! Something New to Share

Sorry for the “radio silence” here on my blog, as my writing and blogging friend, Melissa, has so aptly referred to it. When my blog is quiet, there’s always a reason…or ten. This time is no exception. I won’t list ̷...
by The Art of an Improbable Life on Apr 14, 2014

Floral Friday: Countdown to Spring!

Hi, gardening friends! Have you found my new site yet? I hope you'll join the garden party at Garden Delights:http://juliesgardendelights.comToday, we're playing a fun game called "Floral Friday." The rules are simple: gather some items from your gar...
by Growing Green(er) Days on Mar 15, 2014

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