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The Invitation

“Okay Emma, do you feel up to talking about that night?”Emma changed position in her chair and stared at the fidgeting fingers in her lap. “Yeah, I guess.”“Go ahead.”“That night…. Uh, my friend Carlos was in a film production class at...
by They're Only Shadows on Aug 11, 2016

New Scary Story: Essay: Why I like living in a small town

Small town life in America is often romanticized, but there is a dark side to some rural villages, and you can read about one such town in my new story "Essay: Why I like Living in a Small Town" at That's the Spirit.
by That's Going Too Far! on Jul 28, 2016

Essay: Why I like living in a small town

7B EnglishMrs. GalliganI love small town life. I know it’s not for everybody, but I think it’s the best thing ever and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Being only twelve, I haven’t traveled much, and the biggest city I’ve been to is D...
by They're Only Shadows on Jul 28, 2016

New Short Scary Story: The Love Interest

Having a stalker is bad, but having to work with that person would be a nightmare. Find out more at They're Only Shadows.
by That's Going Too Far! on May 23, 2016

The Love Interest

Landing a recurring role in the “Young and the Restless” was a dream come true for actress Tonya Curtz, as well as the beginning of a living nightmare. Only days after her initial appearance on the show, she began noticing a man at too many place...
by They're Only Shadows on May 23, 2016

The Upgrade

“Weirdest thing,” said Al Donner as he handed his wife a coffee cup.“What’s that?” He sat across from Janine at the dining room table. “I was looking out the kitchen window just now and saw a car drive by that was exactly the same make, m...
by They're Only Shadows on Apr 5, 2016


Ping.The soft chime was just loud enough to raise Sheri Collins from the depths of sleep toward consciousness. She pushed herself up on her elbows and squinted, trying to pierce through the early morning darkness of the bedroom. The only light was a...
by They're Only Shadows on Mar 30, 2016

The Baker Family Reunion

The paring knife slipped off the tomato skin and cut a half-inch slice into Meg Baker’s thumb.“Shit,” she hissed, sticking her thumb in her mouth.Her boyfriend Sean called from the living room. "You okay?"“No,” she mumbled, walking to the b...
by They're Only Shadows on Mar 21, 2016


Low black clouds reflected Don Martelli’s mood as he drove down rain washed city streets toward University Hospital and Clinics. His older brother Les was dying, given only a few days by the doctors, and he’d flown in that morning to stand vigil...
by They're Only Shadows on Mar 15, 2016

The Imaginary Friend

Lugging a full laundry basket. Jessica Marks stopped in the open doorway of her daughter’s room. Five-year old Tess was engrossed in a familiar family dispute with her imaginary friend Kristal. “You didn’t pick up your room like I asked. There...
by They're Only Shadows on Mar 4, 2016

Getting Away With Murder

Friends are overrated, Thomas Grayson would often think to himself, using it as an excuse to spend yet another night lost in his laptop monitor instead of going out and engaging other human beings. Bored with Facebook, Thomas jumped to YouTube and be...
by They're Only Shadows on Mar 2, 2016


His back killing him, Joe Garner looked over at the small redbud tree in its plastic pot with contempt as it waited for him to finish the hole he was digging in the backyard. He could feel the blisters forming as the shovel pierced another inch into...
by They're Only Shadows on Feb 28, 2016

The Boy in the Mirror

The clinic waiting room was bright, sterile and solemn. Parents sat with their troubled children, eyes glazed, wondering why fate had dealt them such a lousy hand and how they were going to pay the deductible for all of these visits. Trent and Lisa S...
by They're Only Shadows on Dec 10, 2015

I'll Never Die

The large banner headline read: “The Search Continues for Wade Carson.” With the local paper spread out on his kitchen table, thirty-year old Justin Vicks sipped coffee as he read about the search for the missing boy in the fields and woods aroun...
by They're Only Shadows on Nov 20, 2015

The Cellmate

The young man sitting in the jail cell awoke with a start. He’d fallen asleep sitting up, and while he was out the guards had brought a new man to the cell. Tray McNair sized up the guy sitting perfectly still on the bench directly across from him.
by They're Only Shadows on Nov 15, 2015

It Runs in the Family

The cacophony of boozy conversation filled the well-appointed house of attorney Douglas Hattering. Friends from his law firm and the neighborhood and a hand full of faces he didn’t recognized formed small clusters of people talking, drinking and fl...
by They're Only Shadows on Nov 11, 2015

The Girl Next Door

“I know a game, but you gotta come over here to play.”“I can’t without my mom.”“Sure you can. Just walk around the fence. It’s a secret game just for kids.”The Chase family had been in their new home for a week, but Christie was still...
by They're Only Shadows on Nov 3, 2015

The Chess Match - A New Short Scary Story

Knight to h3.Kevin Holt made his move, and now watched his monitor, intently waiting for his German opponent to counter this play.  Unfortunately, he heard footsteps approaching and the shadow of his wife, Gretchen, loomed over him. “Can you t...
by They're Only Shadows on Oct 22, 2015

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