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New Windows 7-Inspiration For Better Computing

New Windows 7 is available in the market in various editions, namely as, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. Curiosity is a basic human nature, so everybody wants to know about the exciting features of th...
by Windows 7 Error on Mar 5, 2010

Progressing towards Windows 7

Windows 7, the newest operating system from the Microsoft, is not like its predecessor Windows Vista. It removes several displeasing points and adds up some new welcome features. The Windows 7 Preview was a pre beta launch which implies that it was n...
by Windows 7 Startup on Dec 22, 2009

Making Windows 7 More Fun to Use

The duly popularized Windows 7 is about to make its entry under the shades of some very attractive new winodws 7 themes and wallpapers making it extremely difficult to decided the superiority of one over other.The nesting instinct is powerful in huma...
by Uninstall windows 7 on Nov 18, 2009


Windows 7 operating system carries a large number of features along with the well designed interface, which brings a look very similar to Windows Vista but with many changes.The changes have been in the Graphical user interface like the new boot scre...
by Windows 7 Error on Nov 4, 2009

NTI Media Maker Complete Multimedia Solution

NTI Media Maker is a all in one digital creativity suite, or it can be said as a complete multimedia solution. It gives the entertainment as well as many facilities to its users. It has the ability to compress multilayer movies. NTI Media Maker is no...
by Uninstall windows 7 on Nov 4, 2009

Windows 7 – A Featured Story

The latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 OS slated to be released on October 22, 2009 is designed to be more focused on incremental upgrade thereby providing full compatibility with devices and applications with which Windows Vista is alrea...
by Remove Windows 7 on Nov 4, 2009

How to upgrade from trial version Beta to latest of Windows 7?

Intra Up-gradation is also valid ie. if you want to update your current trial pack of windows 7 to its latest one.Ans: Upgrade your current version of Windows 7 with the latest one. Follows the steps:Step 1. Insert the Window 7 DVD and run the Setup.
by Windows 7 Support on Nov 4, 2009

I want to Uninstall the MSN Messenger from my Windows 7 System. Tell me the Procedure.

The procedure to uninstall the MSN Messenger from Windows 7 operating system.Ans:Get uninstall your MSN Messenger in a easiest way in Windows 7.Problem: If you find any application which is idle or not in use for long time, you can remove it from yo...
by Windows 7 price on Nov 4, 2009

Default Programs In Windows 7

Programs that were available in earlier Windows and are not in Windows 7 include: ● Windows Meeting Space. ● Windows Contacts. ● Windows Live Messenger (formerly Windows Messenger). ● Windows Mail (formerly Microsoft Outlook Express). ●...
by Uninstall windows 7 on Oct 22, 2009

What are the Recommended Settings for Installing Windows 7?

Sometimes Windows 7 installation can be complex if you are not aware of basic steps. Installing Windows on a new computer is always a great experience. There is nothing like setting it up and starting it for the first time. Windows 7 is the forthcomi...
by Windows 7 Startup on Oct 21, 2009

How to Upgrate to Windows 7 Smoothly?

Upgrade Windows 7 smoothly with proper set of hardware configuration.Microsoft’s latest operating system is quite demanding as far as hardware configuration is concerned. It needs fast processor and lots of free available space, without with it may...
by windows 7 classic on Oct 21, 2009

How to install Windows 7 Beta

The Windows 7 Beta is a trial version, well not in every sense of the word, but it acts as a product insight into the final finished version before it is launched.In order to install the Windows 7 Beta, it is recommended to get it downloaded directly...
by Remove Windows 7 on Oct 21, 2009

How and from where to install Windows 7?

Get your Windows 7 installed with minimum effort.As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 7 on October 22, people are getting more and more curious about the prospect of the new operating system. But they are confused about how and from where to insta...
by Remove Windows 7 on Oct 21, 2009

Buyers’ Guide: Upgrade to Windows 7 or buy a new PC?

As the launch date of Windows 7 nears, users are becoming more and more puzzled whether to get an upgrade on an existing computer or to get a new PC altogether installed with Microsoft’s newest operating system. Moreover, with retailers flooding th...
by Windows 7 price on Oct 21, 2009

Display Your Drives in Windows 7

Its a new feature of Windows 7 that doesn’t display empty drives such as memory card and USB flash drives. But if you want to see the list of empty drives in Windows Explorer you can follow the given steps.Step 1. Open the Control Panel from the St...
by Windows 7 Error on Oct 20, 2009

Windows 7: Microsoft's Best Operating System

Windows 7 can be titled as the "Best OS."Its going to erase the blot that Vista left. With all the rumors going in the environment I was quite skeptical when I got the RTM CD and slipped it into the optical drive of my tow year old Compaq V3000. Its...
by Windows 7 Startup on Oct 20, 2009

Microsoft To Launch Windows Mobile 7 In Early 2010

Microsoft has been quiet about its plans for Windows Mobile 7, but Microsoft could launch the long-awaited mobile operating system next year.A new product called Office Mobile 2010 is described as a "mobile companion" for Excel, Word, Powerpoint, One...
by windows 7 classic on Oct 20, 2009

Windows 7: You Can Leave Complaining Now

Windows 7 is a well-turned modern OS that mostly succeeds in taking Windows 7 usabilityinto the 21st century. Windows 7 has made a good attempt—but here a questions arises that Could Windows 7 complete everything that's expected of it?Windows 7 is...
by Remove Windows 7 on Oct 20, 2009

Burn all Media Disc by just Dragging and Dropping with Power2Go

Just drag and drop and burn the data on to the disc on your PC with Windows 7.CyberLink Power2Go, helps you to burn, organize and bacup all your videos, music and data with more comfort and convenience.Some of the features of Power2Go are as follows.
by Windows 7 Support on Oct 20, 2009

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