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Australia honoursNew Zealand commandos who waged guerrilla war in WWII

Frank Wigzell and Major Rachael Stott at the memorial for New Zealand's Special Commando Unit at Papakura.A forgotten World War II crack commando unit has been remembered in a special ceremony more than 70 years after its incredible behind-enemy-line...

Govt knows nothing about EU’s tax blacklist

The Government knows nothing about a reported investigation into New Zealand’s tax haven status by the European Union.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 1, 2016

Our Street

I grew up in a small, brick house at the end of a terrace of small, brick houses at the end of a street of terraces of small, brick houses. It was kind of a dull street. Cramped too. Late-nineteenth century houses all jammed in shoulder-to-shoulder;...
by POMS AWAY! on Aug 1, 2016

New Zealand man arrested after Pokemon Go player hit and killed

The Sydney woman was dragged more than 70 metres after being mowed down at the intersection of King and Victoria streets in West Melbourne early on Saturday. Photo / Channel 7 / SuppliedA New Zealand man has been arrested and charged after a 22-year-...

New Zealand judge Dame Lowell Goddard confused by UK laws

NZ judge Dame Lowell Goddard. File photo / NZME.The New Zealand judge heading the UK's historical child abuse inquiry has shocked barristers by admitting that she is confused by English law.Dame Justice Goddard is set to earn around £5million (NZ$9.

New Zealand passports among 'The Doctor's' master forgeries

Police swiftly raided an unassuming address in the Bangkok suburbs where they found The Doctor. File photo / iStockFor a few thousand dollars "The Doctor" opened doors to the world, supplying pristine fake passports to gangsters and rebels, refugees...

New Zealand judge, Dame Lowell Goddard may receive $9m for lengthy sexual assault hearing

NZ judge Dame Lowell Goddard. File photo / NZME.Dame Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand judge heading the Government's child sex abuse inquiry, could receive more than £5 million (NZ$9.17m) in pay and perks amid fears hearings will drag on for a decade...

Brexit reminds us that we need to take a lead in making globalization fairer

Brexit was an interesting campaign to watch, and there’s not too much I can add that hasn’t been stated already. I saw some incredibly fake arguments from Brexit supporters, including one graphic drawing a parallel between the assassinations of A...
by Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog on Jul 28, 2016

China tax hits Kiwi firms

Increased Chinese e-commerce regulation, including a new tax, is crimping demand in an increasingly important sales channel for many New Zealand manufacturers, says a major exporter.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 28, 2016

Amazing sounds and sights

A few days ago the on-line Telegraph published a video of a 3 month old baby hearing the voice of her mother for the first time. Idaho resident Annabelle Lawrence was born profoundly deaf, but doctors discovered that her auditory nerve … Conti...
by IanChisnall on Jul 27, 2016

Proposed Pricing a Regional Tax by Stealth

EMA is calling the Electricity Authority’s (EA) proposed pricing regime changes a regional tax by stealth.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 26, 2016

What We Did in Rarotonga

If you live in New Zealand, you’ll probably end up having a holiday in Rarotonga. Last week, I began the story of my own Rarotongan holiday. (You should probably read that before reading this. Here it is.) This week, the relaxing adventure continue...
by POMS AWAY! on Jul 25, 2016

London 'home' for New Zealand's World War 1 soldiers brought back to life

New Zealand troops relaxing in London's Shakespeare Hut lounge. Photo / YMCA image, courtesy of Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham A forgotten London building that acted as a sanctuary for thousands of New Zealand troops away f...

Decriminalising cannabis could bring in $150m a year in tax revenue – report

The government could generate $150 million a year by decriminalising and taxing cannabis, a Treasury report has revealed.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 19, 2016

Where New Zealanders Go On Holiday

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post anything last week, it’s because I was in paradise. And in paradise, Internet access is eye-wateringly expensive. I was also too busy drinking cocktails on the beach. Poor me. I was in Rarotonga, one of the...
by POMS AWAY! on Jul 18, 2016

The Ministry of Health wanted a larger increase of tax on tobacco

Smokers were in line for even steeper tobacco tax increases in the Budget if the Ministry of Health’s proposal for 12.5 per cent increases had not been rejected by ministers.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 14, 2016

New Zealand Electricity Authority rules in favour of controversial solar ‘tax’

The Electricity Authority (EA) of New Zealand has this week controversially ruled that a residential ‘solar tax’ is lawful – potentially clearing the path for similar charges on solar customers across the country.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 14, 2016

Authority rules electricity company allowed to introduce solar tax

The Electricity Authority says the home-owner who producers their own power through solar has an ‘artificial advantage’ over other power generators such as large hydro, wind and coal generated electricity, and in doing so disadvantages ot...
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 13, 2016

Govt will act on all Shewan tax recommendations

All 16 recommendations made by government-appointed tax investigator John Shewan in the wake of the Panama Papers saga will be adopted.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jul 13, 2016

10 Things To Do in Rotorua

While you’ll never run out of attractions to see in Rotorua, you even have an endless list of activities to keep your active self preoccupied in this part of New Zealand. Sure, from geysers to lakes and woods, Rotorua is a place where you can j...
by First-time Travels on Jul 12, 2016

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