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Gareth Morgan calls for property tax reform

Philanthropist and economist Gareth Morgan is calling for wealthy people to be required to pay more tax on their capital income.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 7, 2016

The Kermadecs, a fishing settlement, and the Long Forgetting.

  I imagine John Key must have had a lovely warm feeling as he announced before the world  (well, the UN in New York) that New Zealand was finally going to set up an ocean sanctuary at the Kermadecs, the gorgeous smattering of islands in our e...
by Sparrowhawk/Kārearea on Jun 6, 2016

N-words and the good ol’ Christchurch childhood.

Yup, offensive words are used in this post. There is a point to it, ‘kay?
by Sparrowhawk/Kārearea on Jun 5, 2016

Late company tax filings produce smaller than expected 10-month budget surplus

The New Zealand government posted a smaller than expected operating surplus in the first 10 months of the financial year as a number of large company tax assessments are being filed later than anticipated.
by TaxWorldWeb on Jun 3, 2016

Australia Cricket Team Upcoming Matches 2016, 2017 Schedule: Aus Team Series Fixtures

Australia Cricket Team Upcoming Matches 2016, 2017 Schedule: Aus Team Series FixturesAustralia cricket team upcoming series and matches 2016 and 2017 - Here is the list of International upcoming series and matches Schedule and fixtures of Australia...
by Upcoming Wiki on May 31, 2016

Battle of the National Symbols – New Zealand vs. England

The national animal of New Zealand is the kiwi, a small, flightless bird that thinks it’s a mammal. The national animal of England is a lion, a majestic, sharp-toothed hunter that, really, has nothing whatsoever to do with England. At least the kiw...
by POMS AWAY! on May 30, 2016

Menginap di Mana di New Zealand??

Selama menghabiskan waktu sebanyak tujuh malam di New Zealand, saya menginap di lima hotel, hostel, losmen atau apalah itu sebutannya. Empat dari lima hotel tersebut sudah kami booking selagi masih di Indonesia ( atau Singapura, karena 3 orang rekan...
by Chocky Sihombing on May 29, 2016

Up For Some Serious Fun? Go Rafting On The Kaituna River In New Zealand!

If you pass by a river where you can do rafting, do it. If you pass by a river where you can do grade 5 rafting, absolutely 100% do it!! Omg, it was so much fun! I had done rafting a few times before but everywhere I went they generally view post The...
by Karate and Caviar on May 27, 2016

Why NZ Home Business ?

  As you may understand, NZ Home Business is based around me and my home business activities. It enables me to market my business interests and look at the way different things work. Another thing I do is look at whats going on in New Zealand an...
by NZ Home Business on May 25, 2016

Mysterious letter to parents references son's 1977 disappearance

Photo / National Centre for Missing & Exploited ChildrenThe last time Bernard "Bunny" Ross jnr's parents saw him was a Thursday morning in May 1977, when, they said, he left home in anguish.It was suspected that the teen had swiped his aunt's pic...

You Are What You Eat! Treat Your Taste Buds with New Zealand's Fresh Produce

You are what you eat! it’s true. Try to make it a habit to eat more fresh and healthy food in our daily life. When it becomes a habit, naturally your taste buds will adapt to a healthier options. Now you can also indulge your appetite with only the...
by Sunshine Kelly on May 23, 2016

The Best Place to Live in New Zealand

Since moving to New Zealand, I’ve lived in four very different places: 1) Waiuku, a sleepy town south of Auckland, 2) Tauranga, a peaceful city in the Bay of Plenty, 3) Auckland Central, the busiest part of New Zealand’s busiest city, and 4) Hami...
by POMS AWAY! on May 23, 2016

#ManilaOQT: Kiwis look to 'bring down a Goliath or two'

(Image from FIBA)*This first appeared on you're looking to pick a winner at the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) in Manila and know all about the international game, the New Zealand Tall Blacks would appear to have as good a c...
by Hoop Nut on May 22, 2016

New Zealand and Iran agree on agricultural cooperation

This IRNA photo on May 21 shows New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully shaking hands with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani in Tehran. New Zealand and Islamic Republic of Iran have reached an agreemen...

First official air mail from New Zealand to Australia, Muriwai, 1934

by Vintage Everyday on May 21, 2016

Breweries to benefit from tax benefit previously limited to wineries

Breweries will be given a tax benefit wineries have had for the past 20 years under a new law being introduced to Parliament.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 19, 2016

Jack, Lifestyle Photographer | What’s in My Bag

What’s in My Bag: Photographer’s Trip to New Zealand Q & A with Lifestyle and Landscape Photographer: Jack and his buddy Jacob flew out to New Zealand from the Adelaides to spend an unplanned month of adventure living out of a van. T...
by Gridfiti on May 17, 2016

Losing Mater.

A reflection on grief.
by Sparrowhawk/Kārearea on May 17, 2016

Losing Mater.

A reflection on grief.
by Sparrowhawk/Kārearea on May 17, 2016

The Archaeology of New Zealand

I found buried treasure once. Well. Kind of. I was helping Dad dig a new flowerbed and we found a few pieces of nineteenth-century pottery. To my child’s mind, it was akin to uncovering the treasures of Sutton Hoo. I was bitterly disappointed we di...
by POMS AWAY! on May 17, 2016

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