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MyProBux & Updates

MyProBux : This site was previously listed as scam by GPTBank because of some issues which led to think GPTBank that MyProbux is having lack of funds, but this site has came strong and now again listed in Active Section of GPTBank which in its own te...
by Saket Asati on Apr 22, 2009

Golden Galaxy - Advertiser's Friendly PTC

PTC made from scratch, Golden Galaxy has revolutionalised the PTCs in a way which will definitely increase the level of PTCs. They have introduced many features for Advertisers to target their Ads and also a unique security measure that you can't eve...
by Saket Asati on Apr 6, 2009

OzoneBux - Pioneer Membership Free

Ozonebux is a new PTC which is currently in Prelaunch and is giving "Free Pioneer Membership" during the prelaunch. The design is great and has been made from scratch, though there are still some bugs but still site is in prelaunch, so all bugs will...
by Saket Asati on Mar 22, 2009

Top 10 Future | New PTCs

I must add that there are lots of new PTCs coming and going daily. On an average 3-4 New PTCs launch every week but most of them can't even survive a month. So joining the new PTCs is the biggest risk but then why to join them, shouldn't we wait and...
by Saket Asati on Mar 4, 2009

SaturnBux, ToroAds and TomorrowBux - PTC News

Hello friends once again to my blog. This is my second day of PTC News and today I will cover some information about 6 PTCs.SaturnBux - The site is for sale now. Though I didn't added it on my blog but it was looking a good PTC but feels like I was c...
by Saket Asati on Mar 3, 2009

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