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My First Christmas in New Zealand

When you’re an immigrant, that first Christmas hits you hard. The rest of the year, you’re distracted by work and house hunting and getting on with life. Then Christmas arrives and everything stops. You realise what’s missing: family. My first...
by POMS AWAY! on Dec 19, 2016

Bangladesh vs. New Zealand 2016-2017 Cricket Series Schedule

    The upcoming New Zealand visit of Bangladesh cricket team entails three one day international matches, three T20 matches and 2 test matches. Bangladesh shall play their ODI series from December 26, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016. The T20 series w...
by Smartrena on Dec 15, 2016

New Zealand's Alpine fault theory takes shape

A study by Emily Warren-Smith, who graduates this week with a PhD in Geophysics, has added more evidence to this theory. Her results show that the fault flattens to become horizontal a few kilometres underground and underlies a wide region of the cen...
by The Archaeology News Network on Dec 14, 2016

A Trip to the Coromandel

A ferry operator with a sense of humour, a tiny community library, and a view to renew the soul… Last weekend, Tim and I embarked upon a road trip familiar to many Kiwis. Countless tourists – New Zealanders and foreign holidaymakers alike – hav...
by POMS AWAY! on Dec 12, 2016

Bill English poised to become New Zealand’s new prime minister

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Bill English speaks to the media during a press conference in Wellington, December 5, 2016. (Photo by AFP)New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Bill English looks almost certain to become the country’s new prim...

I Finally Visited a Cat Café!

Can you believe cat cafes have only been a thing in New Zealand since last year? Rather predictably, they’ve become really popular, popping up in more and more places. Not Hamilton, unfortunately, which is why I, self-confessed crazy cat lady, only...
by POMS AWAY! on Dec 5, 2016

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key announces sudden resignation

In this handout photo, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key is seen announcing his resignation in Wellington, December 5, 2016. (Photo by AFP)New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key says he is resigning after some eight years in office, taking the...

Pakistan team squad for New Zealand series 2016 (PCB announced players list)

  Pakistan announced the 16 man squad for upcoming Test series against Australia. According to reports the pakistan national selection committee and Chief Selector Inzamam-ul Haq have taken decision after consultations with team head Coach Micke...
by Smartrena on Dec 4, 2016

New Zealand sending top trade team to Tehran

New Zealand’s Minister of Trade Todd McClay will arrive in Tehran on Friday heading a high-ranking delegation for talks to revive trade between the two countries after 12 years.New Zealand says it is sending its Minister of Trade Todd McClay to Teh...

Why the next Holden Commodore will have a traditional boot

Above: The Holden Commodore SS-V, facing its last year of manufacture. The current wisdom appears to be that when the Holden Commodore VF leaves production in 2017, it’ll be replaced by the liftback version of the Opel Insignia B. After all, the on...
by Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog on Dec 1, 2016

The only alpine parrot in the world, Kea is in danger of extinction

The only alpine parrot in the world, who lives in New Zealand, is in danger of extinction.The Kea  is a large species of parrot of the family Strigopidae found in forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand. About 48 cm (...
by Potent Scientia Est on Sep 27, 2016

A "sea monster" long by 9 meters was discovered on a beach in New Zealand

Rotting corpse of a "sea monster" mysteriously found on a beach in New Zealand.A video clip shows conducted by Elizabeth Ann creature skull half buried by sand on the beach Pukehina. Apparently the creature's bones over 9 meters long reached shore af...
by Potent Scientia Est on Sep 16, 2016

English: Property transfer tax for foreign buyers won’t have long-term impact

The Finance Minister says a property transfer tax for foreign buyers won’t have a long-term impact on house prices.
by TaxWorldWeb on Sep 1, 2016

Tax tourists to fund conservation: United Future

Another political party has called for a tourist tax to help fund conservation. United Future want a $25 fee placed on tourist visas with all revenue going towards maintaining and upgrading the conservation estate.
by TaxWorldWeb on Sep 1, 2016

The Māori in the Room

I had one of those “only Māori in the room” moments yesterday. I have a lot of those. These moments don’t offend me. I work in mainstream tertiary education, I’m Māori and I profess to know something about things Māori. I&#...
by Sparrowhawk/Kārearea on Aug 26, 2016

10 Danau Terindah di Dunia yang Harus Kamu Kunjungi

Kamu suka menikmati ketenangan wisata alam tapi bosan pergi ke pantai atau gunung terus menerus? Bila iya, kamu bisa mencoba pergi berwisata ke danau alami. Seperti halnya pantai dan gunung, dengan berkunjung ke danau alami, kamu bisa menikmati peman...
by Aneka Top 10 on Aug 14, 2016

Is New Zealand Backward?

One thing you always used to hear about New Zealand was how backward it was. Behind the times. “It’s like how England was in the 1970s,” people would say. This, apparently, was a good thing. New Zealand was a country living in the past, when li...
by POMS AWAY! on Aug 9, 2016

Labour to remove tax breaks for property speculators

Labour has confirmed it will introduce a policy to remove tax breaks on investment properties but aims to target speculators rather than small-time landlords.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 4, 2016

NZ tax system ‘meets EU criteria’

New Zealand has little to fear from a European investigation into the Panama papers, according to tax experts and the government.
by TaxWorldWeb on Aug 2, 2016

Kiwi mum Tara Brown murder accused charged with attack on paedophile

Tara Brown. Photo / SuppliedThe man charged with murdering Kiwi mum Tara Brown on the Gold Coast last year is facing fresh accusations of pouring boiling water over a convicted paedophile in prison.Lionel Patea, 24, has been charged with causing grie...

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