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by on Apr 9, 2015

Why We LOVE Butts

What is it about a woman’s rear that drives men crazy? Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a boob-guy or lose track of time when looking at a nice set of legs, I get it. In fact, throughout my life I have definitely transitioned from bein...
by Bragging About My Trophy Wife on Jul 26, 2010

Sexy Hot Costa Rican Women - Nice butt

Sexy Hot Costa Rican Women - Nice ButtIf this picture doesn’t convince you that Costa Rican women are some of the sexiest on this planet, then I don’t know what will. I mean here, you really have it all. Let’s start with the surroundings. So...
by Costa Rican Women Photos on Feb 25, 2010

Stretching Wide Hips Back for A Nice Butt

The stretch affected Eva's nice butt the very first turning it into a pair of wide hips separated noticeably apart from each other sporting a wide open anus between the two of them. Along with going wide, the hips had pulled themselves quite back as...
by Play The Game Of Life on Mar 18, 2009

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