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Nonfarm Payrolls Bloomberg survey in details

Bloomberg Survey================================================================                                 &n...
by Forex Quebec on Apr 6, 2012

Well I did say it would be a “Great Show”

On Friday I advised anyone involved in forex day trading to join me on the side lines to watch the show. I did expect it to be a volatile day, but even the most seasoned participants of  forex trading will … Continue reading →...
by Forex Daily Blog on Aug 6, 2011

It’s Friday and It’s Non Farm Payroll Day and It’s the Middle of the Vacation Period and the Stock Markets just took a Big Hit

Will I Be Trading Today? Actually, I never trade on Friday. Friday is the day when we humble retail traders usually give our hard won profits back to the “real masters” of forex trading, and I always do my uppermost … Continue readi...
by Forex Daily Blog on Aug 5, 2011

Forex Trading Commentary for Sterling Thursday 4th Aug

My analysis from yesterday remains unchanged as does my caution to those of you who are forex trading today. Thin vacation period trading allows for greater manipulation by those entities with sufficient funds, so volatility could be very high for &#...
by Forex Daily Blog on Aug 3, 2011

Forex Technical Update 10/07/2010 – USD-Crosses Ahead of the Non-Farm Payroll

Forex Technical Update 10/7/2010 Tomorrow’s non-farm payroll may be an event risk so let’s take a look at some USD-crosses. The EUR/USD is at an important resistance zone near 1.40. The GBP/USD hit resistance at 1.60 target. The USD/JPY c...
by Forex currency trader on Oct 11, 2010

Forex Technical Update 10/04/2010 – US Dollar Crosses Starts Week Quietly Ahead of Event Risks

Forex Technical Update 10/04/2010 The EUR/USD is sliding to start the week, ahead of ECB’s policy decision on Thursday. The GBP/USD is in consolidation ahead of BoE’s meeting on Thursday, but is showing a bullish bias today. The decline i...
by Forex currency trader on Oct 5, 2010

Reaction to payroll data

The event markets have been waiting for arrived today and, indeed, currencies reacted strongly. Employment data is still a market mover and likely to remain for some time. The Non-Farm Payroll report came better than expected, showing a net loss of...
by FX Madness on Sep 3, 2010

Currencies waiting for the NFP

It has been just about as boring trading day as it gets, outside of holidays. Today’s action was characterized by lack of trends and pathetic ranges. Markets are clearly waiting for a catalyst to spur them on, and most likely, that is the Non-F...
by FX Madness on Sep 2, 2010

Free Forex Signals | US Advance Retail Sales July

This is a Free Forex Signals for USDJPY trades on the US Advance Retail Sales and Consumer Price Index news release. Related posts:Free Forex Signals for USDJPY Trades This is a Free Forex Signals for USDJPY trades on...Real Time Free Forex Signals...
by Forex Trading Puzzle on Aug 13, 2010

Daily GBPUSD Forex Trading Signals

The Free Forex Trading Signals are generated by Fibonacci Expert Advisors and other Indicators used by forexwatch to monitor the exchange rates of GBPUSD. The slight drop of the UK Services PMI may not be too destructive to the trend of GBPUSD. Re...
by Forex Trading Puzzle on Jul 4, 2010

Free Forex Signals for Non Farm Payroll

This Free Forex Signals are generated by Fibonacci Expert Advisors and other Indicators used by forexwatch to monitor the exchange rates of USDJPY for the scheduled release of the Non Farm Payroll Report. Related posts:Non Farm Payroll GBPUSD Forex...
by Forex Trading Puzzle on Jul 2, 2010

Non Farm Payroll

The Non Farm Payroll added only 431k jobs and this inflated Non Farm Payrolls are largely attributed to temporary government census workers.
by Forex Trading Guide on Jun 6, 2010

Non Farm Payroll GBPUSD Forex Trading Signal

GBPUSD Trading Signal In our last Forex Signal, Free GBPUSD Trading Signal , we suggested that sellers to sell GBPUSD down to 1.5820. GBPUSD went down as low as 1.5771. Today, the 2nd. October, the first Friday of the month, the much awaited Non F...
by Forex Trading Puzzle on Oct 1, 2009

NFP report.

Non-farm payroll report was released about 30 minutes ago. My guess is markets are largely surprised with the numbers, based on the action following the announcement. Economy registered 247, 000 jobs cut, which is fewest than a year. Also, this numbe...
by FX Madness on Aug 7, 2009

The Dollar Decline with the Non Farm Payroll for April

The Non Farm Payroll The April Non Farm Payroll reported a loss of 539k jobs compared revised 699k job loss in March. Forecasts expected a loss of about 600k to 610k jobs. The Unemployment Rate But the Unemployment Rate for April was not at all a s...
by Forex Trading Guide on May 9, 2009

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