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Amy Turlington Can Ride Horseback Again!

Amy Can Ride Horseback Again! Amy Turlington underwent weight loss surgery with us here at Mexico Bariatric Center and is one of the first to submit her non-scale victory photos and video for us to share on our website and social media. Here is what...
by Mexico Bariatric Center Blog on Jun 22, 2016

Non Scale Victory (NSV) Tuesday

Today I woke up with a sore throat and a small cough. Boy, that just sucks! I hope I’m not getting sick — I have a party in NYC this weekend that I don’t want to miss!I am extremely excited to go shopping for clothes with girlfriend...
by Phoenix Revolution on Jul 20, 2010

December 2009 Activity Charts (a little late)

Print your December activity calendar today!  I've printed mine, and have it hanging on the fridge already (with stuff written on it this time, and by stuff I mean exercise related verbage that will help me stay at my goal & become a healthi...
by Weight Watchers Blog on Dec 4, 2009

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