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Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

Can you sit for 2 1/2 hours and read?  I would guess that most people could not do it.  Yet that is what we expect elementary schoolchildren to do in this lovely state of North Carolina every year.  (I suspect more states employ this t...
by Kim, Cats, Canines, & Kids on Jan 27, 2013

America the Beautiful?

Something stinks in this country, and it is our politicians and the games they play.I grew up in a medium-sized, blue collar city in the Midwest.  My family was middle-class, with my dad working two jobs and my mom staying at home with us kids (...
by Kim, Cats, Canines, & Kids on Apr 19, 2012

Black Thursday, March 1

So a few months ago I decided to start a Facebook group called "North Carolina Teachers for Change."  I had this idea that maybe some teachers could band together, share information, and keep on top of the changes happening in the North Carolina...
by Kim, Cats, Canines, & Kids on Feb 26, 2012

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