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Palak Paneer Recipe, Palak paneer restaurant style

Palak paneer recipe with step by step pictures     Palak paneer recipe is a rich, thick and creamy spinach gravy with soaked soft paneer cubes. I love to make spinach recipes at home because they are very nutritious and healthy yet so delicious.
by Rachna's Kitchen on Dec 11, 2016

Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Kadai Paneer Recipe is one of the most famous paneer recipes, made using tangy juicy tomatoes melted to form a curry sauce that coats bellpeppers and Paneer. The post Kadai Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style appeared first on Rachna's Kitchen.
by Rachna's Kitchen on Dec 10, 2016

Mutter paneer recipe with khoya

Mutter paneer recipe with khoya   Mutter paneer recipe with khoya is one of the most popular dish in North Indian cuisine. Khoya matar paneer is very easy to cook and perfect for those who like creamy and buttery dishes. Don’t worry about the...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Aug 17, 2016

Tinday ki Sabzi Recipe, How to make Punjabi style Dry Tinda ki Subzi | Baby Round Gourd Veggie

Tinda ki Subzi Recipe with step by step photos - This is purely punjabi style dry tinda ki sabzi that my mom made most of the times at home, I learned it from her. This is a simple and easy vegan Indian style recipe of tinda(baby round-gourd) which i...
by Homemade Recipes on Aug 9, 2016

Rice Kheer Recipe With Step By Step Pictures

Kheer recipe   Kheer recipe is basically a rice pudding, enriched with spices like cardamom and saffron. Because of using saffron (kesar), this kheer called Kesari Kheer. In North India, kheer is made on most occasions. I have grown up eating Kh...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 20, 2016

How to make baingan bharta, Baingan bharta recipe

Step by step how to make baingan bharta     Baingan bharta recipe is a delicious and healthy roasted smoke infused mashed eggplant with basic spices. In different regions of India this recipe is known with different name like in eastern part of...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 20, 2016

Kaju pista roll recipe, How to make kaju pista roll

Step by step kaju pista roll recipe Kaju pista roll is a delicious cashew and pistachio fudge recipe. I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist my cravings for sweets. I don’t miss any chance to try Indian dessert recipes at home. This kaju p...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 15, 2016

Bhindi masala, Bhindi masala recipe

How to make Bhindi masala     Bhindi masala is a very delicious stir fry okra made with some basic spices along with tangy tomato. It is very simple to make and very flavourful when served with roti or phulka. In my family bhindi masala is served...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 15, 2016

Mango Lassi Recipe | How To Make Lassi

How to make Lassi   Mango lassi is a refreshing drink prepared from yogurt and sweet mango. It is very popular in India and also in other countries. The taste and richness of mango lassi depends on the quality of mango and yogurt used. To make lass...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 14, 2016

Punjabi Lobia Masala Recipe, How to make Lobia Masala Curry | Black Eyed Bean Curry

Lobia Masala Curry Recipe - A traditional punjabi recipe of lobia masala are cooked in onion-tomato based gravy with Indian spices. It is a flavorful and creamy staple food every Punjabi grew up. For a long time I wanted to post this punjabi recipe o...
by Homemade Recipes on Jul 14, 2016

Dahi Vada Recipe, How to make dahi vada | Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Dahi Vada Recipe(dahi baray)     Dahi vada recipe is a delicious snacks, they are also known as dahi bhalla, which is made from black gram lentils (urad daal) and yogurt. In India, dahi vada recipe is usually prepared on festivals and occasions but...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 14, 2016

Butter Naan Recipe, Tandoori Naan Recipe

Step by step butter naan recipe Butter Naan recipe is a leavened oven baked Indian flat bread popular in India as well as whole world. We go to any Indian restaurant and look at menu, we find Naan mentioned where all flat breads are listed in menu.
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 13, 2016

Mushroom masala recipe, How to make mushroom curry | Mushroom masala gravy

Step by step mushroom masala recipe     Mushroom masala is a delicious curry prepared with button mushrooms simmered in onion and tomato based gravy. These days I have become very fond of mushroom recipes and preparing them a lot. I feel I am...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 12, 2016

Easy Butter Chicken Recipe, Murgh Makhani Recipe

Step By Step Easy butter chicken     It is a mild creamy gravy with juicy and tender chicken. It is generally served with naan or chapati but tastes good with basmati rice. Butter chicken is also known as Murgh Makhani in Hindi. It is really a...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 12, 2016

Kaju katli recipe, How to make kaju katli | Kaju barfi

Traditional kaju katli with step by step pictures Kaju katli is a popular Indian sweets recipe . It is a very delicious fudge prepared with sugar and cashews. This cashew fudge is very rich and requires very less ingredients. Kaju katli is also known...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 7, 2016

Makki ki roti, How to make makki ki roti | Makki di roti

Makki ki roti step by step recipe   Makki ki roti is an Indian unleavened flatbread prepared with maize flour aka cornmeal. It is a staple food of Punjab and also known as Makki di roti. Usually it is served with sarson ka saag and maaki daal (daa...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jul 7, 2016

Easy Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most popular North Indian Paneer recipes and is available in most Indian restaurants world wide. This dish is made of soft paneer pieces soaked in a rich, creamy and smooth gravy. It pairs well with Indian flat brea...
by ShwetaintheKitchen on Jul 4, 2016

Shahi Paneer Recipe , How To Make Shahi Paneer | Restaurant Style Shahi Paneer

Step by step Restaurant style shahi paneer recipe     Shahi paneer is a North Indian gravy based dish which is so popular that it is found in almost every menu of Indian restaurants. The name itself suggests about its origins from Mughal rule in I...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jun 27, 2016

Jalebi Recipe, Traditional Jalebi Recipe Without Yeast, How To Make Jalebi At Home

 Perfect crunchy jalebi recipe step by step     Jalebi are one of the most popular sweet dish of India. I have grown up eating these from the best shops of my town. Most of the Sunday mornings, my family would have jalebi with full bowl of yogu...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jun 25, 2016

Restaurant style Paneer Makhanwala | Paneer Makhanwala

Juliet: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I am nothing but tempted to start this post with the famous monologue of William Shakespeare! Well I am neither out of the mind nor had 2-3 gl...
by Debjanir Rannaghar on Jun 7, 2016

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