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North Walsham in Bloom?

Earlier today I was walking into town with my 9 year old when we passed some of North Norfolk's finest middle-aged ladies working on one of the many lovely floral displays in our town. There they were, sporting high-viz jackets in the sweltering...
by Normal for Norfolk? on Jul 29, 2014

An Old Norfolk Proverb

Having just travelled the familiar road from North Walsham to Fakenham on a Bank Holiday Monday, I have come up with my very own Norfolk Proverb. 'Caravan behind you, happiness. Caravan in front of you, misery.'This would also apply if you are towing...
by Normal for Norfolk? on Aug 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Ronnie!

I have just found myself singing Happy Birthday to our cat Ronnie who is a year old today. This was at Bryn's insistence, you understand, and not something I would have freely engaged in otherwise. So, what has our little feline friend managed to acc...
by Normal for Norfolk? on Aug 19, 2013

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