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The Whitehall Brawl: May Vs. Gove

Boxing fans are tonight getting ready for one of the biggest showdowns in Coalition history; Theresa "One Punch" May against Michael "Badboy" Gove in what promises to be the fight of the century.Tension began brewing between the two camps after Gove...
by The Daily Farce on Jun 9, 2014

Episode Review Monday 28 May

Understandably, Kylie has had enough of living with Gail, though in fairness Gail has mellowed post Audrey's heart attack.'A nagging, moaning old cow' seems a little harsh but it is Kylie talking. Some great humour from Eileen was in evidence as on o...
by Coronation Street Blog on May 28, 2012

News Flash: I Have Large Boobs

I would appreciate people’s comments about my having large boobs a little more if I didn’t have large boobs before. Here’s the catch: I have always had large boobs. They’re on my chest, not yours, so you don’t have to st...
by Whitney's Joint on Apr 8, 2009

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