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My November Favorites.

I'm sharing my monthly favorites a lot earlier this time around. You can check out my past monthly favorites here. I discovered some great beauty, skin, and makeup products during November. Winter is right around the corner, so it's time for me to sw...
by Glam Morena on Dec 6, 2016

November Morsels of Love

November in the U.S. is typically a month loaded with countless tasty morsels, especially at its closing edges with Thanksgiving. While I indulged in many delights on the holiday, it was a food event that took place two weeks prior that caught my att...
by The Word Magicians Kitchen on Nov 30, 2013

November Favorites 2012with Dior...
by The Fashion Beauty Junkie on Dec 12, 2012

My November Favorites.

I'm still in a lazy makeup phase, so I don't have too many favorite products for November. I did discover some new products that I'm loving though! I'm really excited because 2012 is coming to an end and I will be doing my favorite products of 2012 r...
by Glam Morena on Dec 9, 2012

My November Favorites.

It's time to share My November Favorites! I don't have many favorites for this month because I literally used the same products over and over again. You can expect to see reviews and swatches on a few of these products I mentioned down below real soo...
by Glam Morena on Dec 4, 2011

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